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Secure Cloud Faxing for the Manufacturing Industry

Secure Cloud Faxing for the Manufacturing Industry

The reliable fax and online document delivery solution Replix® from Softlinx enables manufacturing companies to streamline their office processes and focus more on their product. By allowing manufacturers to process and sort incoming and outgoing faxes easily, Replix® improves productivity and communication for these businesses, resulting in better customer satisfaction and profits.

Just a few examples of documents Replix® can help process include:

  • Purchase orders
  • Product management documentation
  • Sales and marketing promotions
  • Shipping and delivery records

For more information about how the Replix® cloud faxing solution helps manufacturers, contact Softlinx’s sales staff or read more on the ReplixFax Cloud Service website.

Secure Fax for Manufacturing

Manufacturers use faxing as a secure way to communicate with suppliers, clients and partners. However, as with any manual paper process, documents can get lost and processes can get slowed down by poor connections. On top of it all, manufacturing companies are feeling the pressure from competitors to cut costs and respond more quickly to orders. Often, the weak link in the chain is a traditional fax system. This is where fax services can help manufacturers succeed.

Secure online faxing for manufacturers speeds up the faxing process, automating some of the sorting and filing work for incoming and outgoing faxes. Even better, faxes can be delivered digitally to email inboxes so new orders can be received and processed more quickly. On top of it all, online faxing from Replix® requires no faxing hardware or software — simply integrate the system into your existing digital workflow to get started. The overall result is a faster, more efficient workflow designed to maximize profits and keep costs to a minimum.

Why Softlinx Cloud Fax Services?

Cloud-based fax services from Softlinx guarantee manufacturing companies a reliable alternative to traditional fax solutions. The complete system offers a better way to handle fax and document delivery, with:

  • Integration Orientation: Replix® by Softlinx was designed from the ground up as an addition to your current systems, which is why it is created with integration in mind. This secure faxing solution offers a complete set of API tools and functions, including web service APIs and sample codes for your developers. With these tools, your IT personnel can integrate the Softlinx system with your existing workflows and set up automated systems. This way, you can get up and running with the Replix® system as soon as possible with minimal disruption.
  • User-Friendly Formats: On top of the system’s integrative focus, Softlinx designed Replix® to be as user-friendly as possible. The system accomplishes this by not only integrating into existing workflows, but also by offering several user-friendly faxing tools and formats. This way, the system meets your manufacturing business’s needs as closely as possible. These tools include email to fax, print to fax, web fax and MFP tools.
  • Comprehensive Workflows: The Replix® system by Softlinx incorporates a host of functions and capabilities designed to track your faxes comprehensively. This includes electronic filing, printing, metadata passing and barcode fax systems. Also included are fax tracking, notification and reporting capabilities that help document and audit your fax system and add necessary redundancies to protect against breaches and data losses.
  • Cost-Saving Efficiency: Minimizing overheads is the goal of any manufacturing business, and Replix® can help bring these overheads down even further with an efficient faxing system. Replix® accomplishes this by switching your paper fax system to a digitally based one. For one thing, this eliminates the need for an in-house fax machine, in turn cutting maintenance and equipment cost. For another, switching to digital fax functions increases functionality and facilitates automation, reducing labor costs.On top of it all, digital faxes can be sent straight to your floor leader’s inbox, so you can see and respond to work orders more quickly. The result is a cheaper yet more productive communication system for your manufacturing business.
  • Secure, Reliable and Compliant: Manufacturing businesses handle a great deal of proprietary information, as well as client financial data. In the wrong hands, this data can be destructive, which is why security is a high priority of any business. Replix® helps keep data secure over your fax network by keeping information safe during every step of the faxing process.First, the Replix® service is hosted on a data center audited using stringent SOC-2 SSAE-16 standards. This means all stored data is protected from major breaches. Data is also protected during transmission by securing communication lines with HTTPS and TLS. On top of this, all stored and transmitted data is protected with an AES 256-bit encryption system.
  • Constant Service and Support: Softlinx backs our entire system with a world-class support team. Based out of the U.S. and available 24/7, our team is always ready to help with whatever you need, whether it’s setting up your system, training your employees or troubleshooting problems.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Replix® can help your manufacturing business, contact Softlinx today by calling 1-800-899-7724, emailing us at or by filling out an online application for a live demo.