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Secure Cloud Faxing for the Manufacturing Industry

Secure Cloud Faxing for the Manufacturing Industry

Cloud faxing for distributors is an innovative solution to the need for secure information sharing across the industry. Manufacturers can use cloud faxing to communicate critical data with customers while also optimizing process efficiency. When you partner with Softlinx, we can help you find optimized solutions to streamline your workflow and precisely fit your requirements.


Why Manufacturers Need Cloud Faxing

In a highly competitive and ever-changing industry, manufacturers need the right tools to move forward. To stay ahead of the market, they must continually develop new approaches for optimizing workflow, productivity and processing times. Customers want fast, quality service in retail and other industries, and manufacturers must move quickly to keep up. Those who prioritize modernizing their processes and decreasing operational costs can gain a critical competitive advantage that delivers for customers.

When your operations require a streamlined solution for modernizing processing, transitioning from traditional fax processes to cloud faxing is one way to be forward-thinking. This solution is highly cost-effective because it minimizes the significant paper costs of traditional faxing, reduces the labor expenses of manual faxing and protects your company from potential liability for fax system security breaches. With the more secure and efficient option of cloud faxing for distributors, you can stay ahead of the industry curve.

How Cloud Faxing Can Improve Manufacturing Workflow

Cloud faxing offers broad advantages for streamlining your workflow, boosting productivity and decreasing operating expenses. Manufacturing companies can leverage this solution to streamline production, sales processes and supply chain processes.

The reliable fax and online document delivery solution Replix® from Softlinx enables manufacturing companies to streamline their office processes and focus more on their product. By allowing manufacturers to process and sort incoming and outgoing faxes easily, Replix® improves productivity and communication for these businesses, resulting in better customer satisfaction and profits.

Just a few examples of documents Replix® can help process include:

  • Purchase orders
  • Product management documentation
  • Sales and marketing promotions
  • Shipping and delivery records

Softlinx allows you to outsource your faxing and online document delivery requirements to eliminate compliance risks and inefficiencies for your company. We offer services that prioritize compliance, reliability, privacy and 24/7 support for your operations. When you use our Replix® system, your enterprise can gain several advantages:

  • Integration orientation: Designed for integration, Replix® by Softlinx is optimized as an addition to your current systems. It’s a secure faxing solution with complete API functions and tools for your developers to integrate with your existing workflows and automate.
  • User-friendly formats: Replix® offers an intuitive design with user-friendly faxing formats and tools, including print to fax, MFP, email to fax and web fax to precisely fit your business applications.
  • Comprehensive workflows: The Replix® system delivers extensive capabilities to fully track your faxes. It offers electronic filing, printing, metadata passing and barcode fax systems. Also included are fax tracking, notification and reporting capabilities that help document and audit your fax system and add necessary redundancies to protect against breaches and data losses.
  • Cost-saving efficiency: Replix® eliminates the need for an in-house fax machine, facilitating automation and enabling faster order response time with rapid fax processing, saving you on multiple operational costs.
  • Secure, reliable and compliant: To prioritize strict compliance and data security, the Replix® service is hosted on a data center audited using stringent SOC-2 SSAE-18 standards. This means all stored data is protected from major breaches. Data is also protected during transmission by securing communication lines with HTTPS and TLS. On top of this, all stored and transmitted data is protected with an AES 256-bit encryption system.
  • Constant service and support: Softlinx backs our entire system with a world-class support team. Based out of the U.S. and available 24/7, our team is always ready to help with whatever you need, whether it’s setting up your system, training your employees or troubleshooting problems.


Streamline Your Workflow With Softlinx

Softlinx offers robust technology to optimize your faxing processes and productivity. If you want more information on our services, contact us for a quote today.