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Cloud Fax Service

HIPAA compliant Fax Service Built for Healthcare Business and Corporate Users.

Cloud Faxing Services For Your Business

Cloud faxing service offers many benefits over traditional faxing methods relying on manual fax machines or on-premise fax servers by delivering unmatched reliability, security and cost savings.

  • No monthly telephone charges
  • No need to handle paper based faxes and consumables for fax machines
  • No recurring expenses for fax server system upgrades and annual support
  • No busy tone for incoming and minimal delay for outgoing faxes
  • No more system support burdens for internal IT staff

  • Softlinx’ cloud fax services support most demanding business faxing needs for HIPAA compliant healthcare document delivery, sending private financial information or other sensitive data. Our customers may use easy-to-use end user faxing methods with intuitive user interface. By using our comprehensive fax APIs and fax automation utilities, application integrated faxing is made simple as well to send and receive faxes from healthcare applications such as electronic health record (EHR) systems.

    Softlinx cloud fax services support the following Secure, Reliable and Compliant faxing methods and features:

  • Application Faxing via Fax APIs
  • End User Faxing via Web Portal, Email-to-Fax or Print-to-Fax
  • Network Folder-based Outbound Faxing and Inbound Delivery
  • Mail Merge/Broadcast
  • Barcode Fax Workflow
  • Multi-Function Printer (MFP)

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    How to Use Online Cloud Faxing

    The key differentiation with online cloud faxing is the ease with which users can send, receive and view their faxes once cumbersome fax machines have been removed from the equation. Now, with cloud faxing, when you want to send a fax, it’s as easy as attaching a document or sending an email. Alternatively, you may use our intuitive web fax portal to upload documents you want to fax and enter recipient fax number.

    From there, your documents are encrypted and transmitted so your intended fax recipients can receive your faxes — even over phone lines supporting legacy fax machines. It’s simple, economical and above all, secure.

    Whether you need to fax your documents directly from your business applications or using any intuitive end user faxing method we support, our cloud faxing service significantly reduces the total costs associated with your faxing needs by automating delivery, tracking and notifications, all in a secure manner.

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    Still Using Traditional Fax Machines?

    Traditional fax machines require ink, toner, paper and loads of monitoring and maintenance. This combination creates significant ongoing costs that most businesses simply accept because they haven’t looked at an alternative. It’s worth taking a careful look at cloud-based fax services. This more contemporary form of faxing can forever change the playing field for companies that want to continue faxing while simultaneously improving the process.

    Cloud-based faxing eliminates the expenses previously allocated to buying, maintaining and servicing operational on-premise fax equipment, while increasing security, reliability and reducing headaches for your IT Team.

    Softlinx Cloud Faxing Services are also in full compliance with the regulatory standards set for many industries. This includes highly monitored fields like healthcare, financial services, insurance, higher education, government agencies and contractors relying on secure delivery of fax documents.

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    Cloud Faxing Services Fit for Any Industry

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    The Security of Softlinx Cloud Faxing

    If you or another decision-maker is asking, “Why would we want to switch to cloud faxing?” consider that it offers a secure, compliant faxing solution.

    When you switch from an outdated fax system, you gain access to secure cloud faxing that’s only possible through modern data encryption. It protects your data better than physical hardware, which is subject to human error, theft and hackers.

    It also improves security over a regular email since our faxing solution is HIPAA-compliant. Email messages are vulnerable on both the sender’s and recipient’s devices — when stored in the email server and while the message is in transit. Cloud faxing, even when accessed via email, keeps your fax documents secure inis encrypted format while at rest in the cloud and being transmitted in transit.

    Cloud Fax Service

    When sending secure cloud faxes using Softlinx, you have protection from both ends of the process. Besides offering encryption, our networks also monitor for viruses. When you submit a fax job via an email or our web fax portal, we authenticate your service access via your registered email address or your login credentials, and send you a delivery status notification once your fax request is processed. We also notify you via email when your fax arrives, or is securely delivered to your network folder location.

    Softlinx makes it simple to send a secure fax online. With our intuitive cloud-based fax solution, you can submit outgoing faxes online using any format you like, including: Directly from your business applications using Softlinx fax APIs, Email, Web Portal and Windows desktop Print-to-Fax.

    Our solution also lets you fax paper-based documents from an MFP. Using your chosen format, you’ll submit your faxes over a secure, encrypted communication link directly to the Softlinx secure fax service.

    Inbound faxes are processed and encrypted in the cloud fax server before delivery. Softlinx delivers your incoming faxes directly to your business applications using Softlinx fax APIs, email inboxes or shared network folders behind your firewall. You may also log in to a Windows fax client or web portal.

    With the Softlinx secure business fax solution, your faxes are protected, no matter how you send or receive them.

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    How To Send Online Cloud Faxes Using Softlinx

    Depending on your business needs, you’ll set up one or more cloud fax user accounts.

    Once you’ve created your online faxing account, you can send a fax following these steps:

    Select your preferred faxing method: As a sender, you can send a fax by choosing any of the Softlinx supported outbound faxing methods that include Email-to-Fax, Web Portal, Windows Print-to-Fax or MFP faxing. Each of these methods offer an easy to use, intuitive interface that makes online faxing a no-brainer.

    Entering recipient fax numbers: The first step to send a fax is to enter recipient information. At minimum you need to enter the recipient’s fax number. We support single fax number entry as well as group list from our fax phone book. In addition, broadcast and mail merge faxing are supported for you to send a fax to multiple recipients. 

    Selecting a fax cover page: You may select a fax cover page of your choice, if needed. We provide a fax cover page editor so that you may easily customize your fax cover page online.

    Attaching or uploading fax files: The next step before you submit a fax job is to attach or upload fax files. To send a large fax that exceeds typical maximum file attachment size of your email system, we recommend using our web fax portal that allows you to send very large faxes.

    Before you submit a fax job: Through our web fax portal, we support additional features such as delayed fax scheduling and status notification to alternate email address. Once you are ready, just click send to submit a secure fax request. It is that easy!

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    How to Receive Online Cloud Faxes Using Softlinx

    Receiving a fax online from another automated fax service or traditional fax machine follows these steps:

    Receiving your fax from a sender: To receive a fax to your Softlinx cloud fax user account, you need a fax number assigned to your account first. Once your fax is received from a sender, it is converted to pdf file format and kept encrypted in the system while at rest in the cloud. 

    Delivering a received fax: Once we receive an incoming fax, it is then delivered securely to your email inbox. Alternatively, we can also deliver it electronically to your shared network folder or a secure FTP location.

    Opening the message: When you’re ready, you can open the email message with your incoming fax attached and ready to be viewed, shared and stored as any secure file would be.

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    Outsource to an Online Faxing Service for Productivity & Immediate Savings

    Softlinx Cloud Fax Service offers a secure and reliable online faxing alternative. You can send faxes directly from your business applications, via email or using the Softlinx web portals. Meanwhile, your inbound faxes will arrive in your email inbox or delivered to your shared network folders. With the Softlinx cloud-based fax service, you can benefit from a streamlined document workflow process and save costs. To learn more about how simple it is to switch to our cost-effective, secure cloud-based fax service, contact us online today to schedule your live demo. Or, for answers to all your online faxing questions, call us directly at 800-899-7724.

    Secure, Reliable & Compliant

    Softlinx cloud fax service is HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant supported by encryption during transmission and while “at rest” in the cloud, which is hosted at an ultra-reliable data center audited by AICPA with SOC 2 reports.

    Application Faxing Made Easy

    Softlinx offers fully-featured cloud fax APIs with sample code to help your organization more quickly fax-enable your business applications. Softlinx also provides test fax server and full technical support during the API integration and testing period.

    Easy to Use End-User Faxing Tools

    Softlinx offers a full set of user-friendly faxing tools including Email to Fax, Print to Fax, Web Fax and MFP support, and an intuitive web portal to support your business’ online faxing needs using your preferred faxing method.

    Dedicated to Customer Success

    Softlinx’ dedicated U.S. support team provides first-class 24×7 support for customer success. Softlinx guarantees the best, with a service level agreement (SLA) for prompt problem resolution and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

    Real-time Disaster Recovery

    Softlinx service at our primary data center is replicated in real-time at a remote disaster recovery site to ensure your business continuity in case of disaster and to meet our recovery time (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

    Learn more about how Softlinx can help, contact us at 1-800-899-7724, or fill out our form to Get a Quote.

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