Softlinx Cloud Fax Service:
Efficient Business Communication

Transform your document management and communication with our reliable cloud-based fax solutions for seamless operations. Move the cloud to benefit from secure, reliable, and compliant faxing with cost savings.

Cloud Faxing Services For Your Business

Our cloud faxing service offers many benefits over traditional faxing methods that rely on manual fax machines or on-premise fax servers by delivering unmatched reliability, security, and cost savings.

No monthly telephone charges

No need to handle paper based faxes and consumables for fax machines

No recurring expenses for fax server system upgrades and annual support

No busy tone for incoming and minimal delay for outgoing faxes

No more system support burdens for internal IT staff

Softlinx offers cloud fax services that cater to the most demanding business faxing requirements, ensuring HIPAA compliance for healthcare document delivery and secure transmission of private financial information and other sensitive data. Our customers may use easy-to-use end-user faxing methods with intuitive user interfaces. Our fax APIs and automation tools make it easy to integrate faxing into healthcare applications like electronic health record (EHR) systems, enabling simple sending and receiving of faxes.

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Cloud Fax Services

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Cloud Fax Service for Business Aplications

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Secure Cloud Fax for Businesses

Softlinx employs AES-256-bit encryption to safeguard your sensitive data during transmission and while at rest in the cloud. We also host our service platform at a HIPAA-compliant data center to ensure the protection of PHI and other private information securely from any physical, network, and application security risks. Both Softlinx and our data center conduct annual audits by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) certified network security audit vendor and publish annual Security Operation Center (SOC) Level 2 reports.

We reinforce these security efforts with comprehensive, annual application penetration tests conducted by a reputable third-party network security audit vendor. We also conduct periodic and on-demand system vulnerability tests internally. Plus, Softlinx’s service network environment is protected by an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) and supports multi-factor authentication at the user level.

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Compliant Fax Solutions

Softlinx’s cloud fax services are 100% compliant with HIPAA regulations. When you fax from the cloud with Softlinx, your documents get to where they need to go without the potential for loss or unauthorized viewing. Additionally, our systems automatically create and store a log of each fax, retrieval, inquiry, and deletion. You’ll have complete documentation when it’s time for an audit.

In addition to HIPAA compliance, Softlinx also complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to help protect your financial and credit card related private information.

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24/7 Faxing Support

Many demanding industries operate around the clock. That’s why we provide service at any hour to render assistance. Softlinx’s support team is entirely U.S.-based and dedicated to responsiveness and 100% customer satisfaction.

An Innovative Cloud Fax Solution

Faxing is changing. Fortunately, Softlinx is leading the way across the board with security and compliance for numerous industries. From healthcare to government and financial services to manufacturing, Softlinx is redefining modern, digital faxing.

We Work With Your Existing Infrastructure

Our cloud fax APIs enable agile integrations with your other trusted applications. We’ll provide the technical support you need during the testing and integration phases. Sending and receiving important faxes securely has never been so straightforward and efficient.

Reliable Cloud Faxing Services

Softlinx helps ensure your data availability, security, and integrity with service level agreements (SLA) and data backup and replication. With our services, you can be assured of maintaining uptime, disaster recovery, and business continuity with complete confidence.

We Offer Multiple Sending Options

Softlinx provides a comprehensive set of tools, allowing your organization to fax in the way that best suits your needs. Our technologies include Email to Fax, Web Fax, and Print to Fax with support for multifunction equipment, all through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, and comprehensive fax APIs to enable seamless application faxing from within your business applications.

Outsource Your Business' Cloud Faxing for Increased Productivity & Immediate Savings

Softlinx Cloud Fax Service offers a secure and reliable online faxing alternative. You can send faxes directly from your business applications via email or using the Softlinx web portals. Meanwhile, your inbound faxes will arrive in your email inbox or your shared network folders. With the Softlinx cloud-based fax service, you can benefit from a streamlined document workflow process and save costs.

To learn more about how simple it is to switch to our cost-effective, secure cloud-based fax service, contact us online today or schedule your live demo. Or, for answers to all your online faxing questions, call us directly at (800) 899-7724.