Customer Success: Case Studies

See How Softlinx’ Solutions are Helping Various Industry Organizations

Many Fortune 1000 companies rely on Softlinx for their secure document delivery solutions.  With its award winning Replix® Fax Server and Secure Document Delivery Services, Softlinx has been helping customers maximize their document process efficiency and meet regulatory compliance.

A Major Healthcare EHR Software Company

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A major healthcare EHR software company needed a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud fax service partner to fax-enable their EHR application so that their clients, healthcare providers, could electronically send and receive fax documents from within the EHR application. Softlinx’ HIPAA compliant Cloud Fax Service, ReplixFax Cloud provided a comprehensive Fax API to fax-enable the customer’s EHR application.  Now the customer is offering seamlessly integrated fax service to their healthcare provider clients, who can electronically send and receive patient charts, testing lab reports or patient referrals all directly from within their EHR application.  By outsourcing their faxing service, our customer benefits from not only savings of their IT staff resource and time, but also additional revenue stream from an attractive reseller partner arrangement.


A Leading Financial Services Company

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A leading financial services company with nearly 7 million clients throughout US, Canada and the UK and over 15,000 remote offices wanted to consolidate and manage their entire fax communication for their remote offices centrally from their headquarter facility.

ReplixFax Fax over IP (FoIP) solution was deployed at the customer’s headquarter data center with Fax Server Clustering, Fax Server Virtualization and Disaster Recovery configuration. The customer benefits from significant cost savings via consolidation of fax communication infrastructure and reduced IT administration overhead. In addition our solution also offers better user experience with ease of use, enhanced preparedness for compliance and faster disaster recovery capability.

A World-Leading, European Telecommunications Vendor

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A world-leading, European telecommunications vendor, which is one of the top, global, mobile phone manufacturers wanted to provide FoIP based fax document delivery capability in conjunction with their IP based, voice-centric mobile phone messaging service platform.

Softlinx provided ReplixFax IP Fax Gateway integrated with the customer’s IP Messaging service platform to provide a seamless IP fax capability. Client’s messaging service subscribers can now receive fax notification via voice and print the fax by forwarding it to a nearby fax machine using their mobile phones. Messaging service providers also benefit from the increased revenue per user owing to the extra minutes used by their subscribers.

A Global Engineering Services Company

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A global engineering services company needed to capture project-related e-mail and fax records electronically into a single, central repository along with online project documents.

Softlinx delivered a solution that captures all inbound and outbound project e-mails and faxes, indexes and delivers them to a central document management repository. The customer was able to instantly access, control and share the archived project email and fax records.

An HR Outsourcing Application Service Provider (ASP)

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An HR outsourcing application service provider (ASP) needed to automate payroll and expense report processing by electronically capturing report submissions via e-mail and faxes, and integrating them to a back-end business application.

Softlinx delivered a customized electronic document delivery solution that captures payroll and expense documents from e-mail and fax servers, processes metadata and routes the document to back-end business applications to eliminate manual document manipulating steps and speed up the overall processing time over ten times.

A Global Financial Service Company

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A global financial service company needed an enhanced fax communication feature that would acknowledge a successful receipt of the client’s fax submission for a financial transaction.

Softlinx provided a fax application module that sends a real-time acknowledgement fax back to the sender and captures the successfully sent acknowledgement. The customer can now avoid potential legal disputes with its clients and keep the record for compliance.

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