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Softlinx Print to Fax Overview

Softlinx’s print to fax feature allows you to fax documents to recipients over any document printing interface in the same manner as you would print a document. The ReplixFax system operates over the cloud to eliminate the need for onsite equipment. The hosting data center offers encryption, authentication and regular virus scanning to ensure your information remains secure as it moves from your application to your recipient’s fax machine.

The platform’s user-friendly interface works with your EMR/EHR applications, Microsoft Office and any other Microsoft Windows applications. It also supports Citrix Terminal Services environments. The ReplixFax system streamlines the faxing process, so your organization can remain efficient throughout the day.

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The Benefits of Print to Fax

The print to fax function on ReplixFax offers a wide range of benefits to organizations of all sizes. If faxing is a significant aspect of your workflow, ReplixFax streamlines the process so you can save time throughout the day. Print to fax also allows you to:

Send to multiple recipients: The ReplixFax platform supports multiple recipients. Add all the fax numbers you would like to include in the recipient box and click send.

Deliver large files: Sending multiple pages with a single click is a significant time-saver. You will never need to feed each page individually, and your recipients will receive all the information they need at once.

Keep information secure: Print2Fax operates over a secure cloud network with encryption and authentication procedures. This network ensures your data stays secure in transit and keeps your organization compliant with privacy regulations.

Upgrade your technology: Fax machines are outdated technology that slows your operation down, so you’re likely ready for an upgrade. Print to fax allows you to update your administrative tools without losing connection to recipients who still use a fax machine.

How to Use Print to Fax

The print to fax function for ReplixFax is as easy as printing a document. If you can print it, you can fax it.

First, you need to download and install the ReplixFax Print to Fax driver on your computer.

When you want to fax a document from within any Windows application, select File and Print.

Choose the ReplixFax Print to Fax as your printer to launch the ReplixFax Print to Fax client application.

Fill in recipient’s fax number or select your recipient from your contact list. You may also add a cover page, attach additional files or schedule your fax to send it at a later time before submitting the fax request.

After your fax is sent, you’ll receive a status notification email confirming the delivery of your fax.

How to Use Print to Fax

The print to fax function with ReplixFax is as easy as printing a document.

First, the ReplixFax Print2Fax driver installs on your computer and appears as a printer option.

When you’re in your Windows application with the document you want to send, select File and Print.

On the Print dialogue box, choose the ReplixFax Print2Fax as your printer.

Once you select the ReplixFax Print2Fax printer, the Print2Fax application’s dialog box will launch, and you can fill in recipient information or select your recipient from your contact list.

Add your recipient fax number or numbers and click send.

After you’ve sent your document, you’ll receive a notification from ReplixFax confirming delivery.

ReplixFax offers fax to print too. The platform will allow you to direct inbound faxes to your printer if you want physical copies of your faxed documents. You also have the option to add a cover page, attach additional files and schedule your fax for another time.

To send a fax from any application, use the print function and select the ReplixFax printer to send a document as a fax to recipients using the ReplixFax platform.

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