Secure Cloud Faxing for the Financial Services Industry

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Financial institutions handle a huge variety of documents and forms to keep financial transactions running smoothly. This often means handling hundreds, if not thousands, of documents on a daily basis. Secure and reliable faxing services are crucial to make this happen, but traditional faxing machines can slow the process down with manual processes and wasteful paper. With the Replix® secure online faxing solution from Softlinx, financial service businesses can fax and deliver documents more efficiently than ever while maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting client data.

Just a few of the documents you can send using the Replix® cloud-faxing services for banks include:

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Cloud Faxing for Banks and Financial Institutions

Financial institutions handle huge amounts of confidential financial information on a daily basis, sending and receiving information to clients, partners and insiders. While traditional faxing has provided a secure alternative to email, the process is still enormously inefficient. Between the amount of time it takes to send multiple faxes and the paper and toner costs, it can be an expensive process. That’s not to mention the potential for wrong number transmissions or the dangers of unsecured fax machines.

This is where secure cloud fax services from Replix® can make a difference. Cloud faxing works into existing digital workflows so financial institutions no longer have to wait for a fax machine to open up. All they need to do is use the Replix® API to send faxes directly to recipients. The Replix® service uses sophisticated encryption and processing power to send huge amounts of data securely, so no matter how many faxes or documents you need to deliver, Replix® can make it happen.

Why Softlinx Cloud Fax Services?

Replix® fax services for financial services businesses offer secure and reliable solutions that keep workflows running. With Softlinx’s cloud-based system, fax services for banks can include:

Business-Oriented Integration

Softlinx’s service features in Replix® are designed to provide flexible yet reliable and secure fax services for financial services. To this end, Softlinx’s secure online faxing for banks comes with a full suite of API toolkits, complete with web service APIs and sample codes so your developers can integrate the system with your current workflows. This way, your business can more quickly enable secure fax services in your bank or financial business without setting up an entirely new set of applications.

User-Friendly Fax Tools

Replix® from Softlinx is designed to be user-friendly. On top of its ability to integrate with existing workflows, the system supports any business’s online faxing needs with multiple fax tools. These include email to fax, print to fax, web fax and MFPs. Using this system, all your employees need to send a secure fax is an email address for the recipient.

Fax Document Workflows

The Replix® system from Softlinx features several functions that integrate well with workflows, including electronic filing, printing, metadata passing and barcode fax workflows. Additionally, tracking information, notification settings and reporting capabilities are available to keep track of high-volume faxing workloads and maintain proper documentation and security.

Cost-Saving Efficiency

The digital formats and automated processes supported by the Replix® system help to significantly reduce the costs associated with document delivery and management. They also cut hardware, maintenance and supply costs by eliminating the need for expensive fax hardware, paper, toner and even IT troubleshooting. Even better, automated reports and logs help minimize the labor associated with annual audits. The result is a streamlined system designed to keep your overhead as low as possible.

Secure, Reliable and Compliant

Secure online faxing for financial services has to follow strict regulations, particularly PCI DSS. The information held by banks and other financial institutions is sensitive in nature, which is why Replix® secure fax for financial services are compliant with all major regulations. The system accomplishes this by encrypting all data using AES 256-bit encryption, which keeps information secure while at rest or when being transmitted over a link.

The system is doubly protected by a link secured using HTTPS and TLS. All stored information is also protected, since the Softlinx secure fax service data center is audited by SOC-2 SSAE-16. This means your financial business’s data is secured from all angles.

Constant Service and Support

Replix® from Softlinx is backed by a world-class support team based out of the United States. Our 24/7 support service always stands ready to help your financial business with your faxing and document delivery needs. Whether your bank needs help with setting up the Replix® system or needs extra training to keep it running, you can rely Softlinx. Even better, we maintain a service-level agreement for prompt problem resolution and boast a 99.9 percent uptime, so your business can rest easy knowing your fax services will keep running smoothly.

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