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Secure Document Delivery

Secure Document Delivery Service

Send, Track and Manage Online Document Delivery Securely via API Integration


Secure Document Delivery

Softlinx Secure Document Delivery Service is a cloud-based service that allows users to securely deliver private and confidential documents to their recipients, track recipient’s access and meet healthcare and financial service industry compliance requirements for HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Secure Email Document Delivery Service System


Sending Documents


  • Users can initiate a secure document delivery to any recipient with a valid email address.
  • You can send a secure file with a secure message using one of the following methods:

Web Client

You can submit a secure document delivery request anywhere, anytime as long as you have access to a web browser. Simply log in to your ReplixDoc web portal at From there, follow the intuitive web interface to submit a secure document delivery request. Select the files you want to send and include a secure note for your recipients. You may also use the Web client to search and view the status of your delivery request messages.

Windows Client

You can submit a secure document delivery request using the ReplixDoc Windows client application installed on your Windows PC. If you are subscribed to ReplixFax service as well, an integrated desktop client will support your secure document delivery and print to fax requests via the all-in-one, easy-to-use desktop application environment.

Secure Email Document Delivery Service System


Application Document Delivery


  • Enable your application to send a secure document using Replix Secure Doc APIs.
  • ReplixDoc Web Service APIs offer comprehensive features for sending and receiving secure document delivery.

You can enable your business application to send and receive files securely by leveraging ReplixDoc Web Services API’s, sample code, tutorials and our dedicated technical support. For more details on ReplixDoc Web Services APIs, please contact Softlinx.

Secure Email Document Delivery Service System


Delivery and Reminder Notifications


  • Email notifications are used for both senders and recipients.
  • You may customize notification message with simple text edits.

Delivery Notification

  • Upon receiving a request for a secure file delivery, the ReplixDoc server sends a delivery notification email to each recipient, which contains a URL to a web login page for user authentication. Once they have successfully logged in, the recipient can view the secure note and download any attached files in the message.
  • They can also reply to the sender by attaching his or her files and sending a customized note through the secure connection. When a recipient accesses the secure document delivery message, the ReplixDoc server, in turn, sends an access notification email to the original sender, which details the accessed time and date so the sender may know the recipient has accessed delivered files.

Reminder Notification

ReplixDoc server additionally sends a delivery reminder notification email to the recipient if the recipient has not accessed the files after a set date had passed. The period after which this reminder notification is sent is customizable and repeatable.

Secure Email Document Delivery Service System


Receiving Documents


  • Anyone with a valid email address can receive a secured document with proper authentication so you know you can send documents securely without inconveniencing your recipients.
  • First-time recipients need to register through the appropriate site for proper authentication.

Accessing Secure Message Content

  • When a recipient opens a delivery notification email, the email contains a URL for the recipient to access the secure note and files sent to them. All they need to do is click on the URL, and they’ll be sent to a Web page where the recipient can access the delivered message content.
  • Alternatively, the recipient can receive the secure note and files electronically into designated network folders using the ReplixDoc Delivery Manager utility. This Windows service utility provided by Softlinx automatically separate these documents into pre-designated files.


Recipient Portal

Once the recipient is done with initial registration, they can log into the ReplixDoc Recipient portal to view a list of recent secure document delivery messages, access secure notes and files in the message and even reply to the sender. Even better, recipients do not need to be a paid customer of the ReplixDoc service to use the Recipient portal. For paid customers, however, they can access their document delivery history through the ReplixDoc service Web portal.

Secure Email Document Delivery Service System


Administration Portal


  • The ReplixDoc Online Document Delivery Service provides a full-service web portal interface for self-service administration.
  • ReplixDoc provides a Web portal interface to allow self-service system This allows a designated administrator to manage various administration functions associated with secure file delivery. These are listed in more detail below:

ReplixDoc provides a Web portal for a self-service fax administration interface to allow a designated administrator to manage various administration functions


The administrator can set and change default global options such as message expiration days, reminder message days and notification preferences. They’re also able to change message templates and recipient registration requirements.

Doc Status and Global Contacts

Administrators can also use the ReplixDoc Online Document Delivery Service to monitor the status of their document delivery activities. They can also search and view Sent and Received messages assorted by the User ID, Message ID or Access status. Administrators can also manage and sort global contacts.

Users and Departments

Administrators are also able to access the user and department account management section, which allows them to set up or change account details. Administrators can group multiple user accounts into a department account, which can be set up with its own default preference values and account number for charge back billing.

Best-in-class security, service uptime

Delivery service is hosted at an SSAE 16 audited data center with AES 256-bit encryption at “rest” and SSL/TLS protocols over a secure communication link. Softlinx boasts a 99.9 percent uptime backed up by SLA. We also offer recipient authentication, delivery tracking and arrival confirmation.


Few simple clicks with the peace of mind

Whether you send your documents directly from your business application or using the ReplixDoc client application, all you need is a recipient email address and a few clicks to send your confidential document. All your recipient needs are an email address and access to the internet.

Take control, get notified

Deliver high-volume e-documents easily with tracking information and notifications. You can simultaneously maintain detailed reports on all document delivery activities and receive notifications when your documents are accessed.

Bypass Manual Effort With Automation

Send files securely from your existing business applications. Web Service APIs and sample code are available for your developers to streamline your API integration and to automate secure document delivery.


Be Efficient, Save Paper

Significantly reduce the costs associated with document delivery and management by automating delivery, tracking and notifications, all in a secure manner. You can also maintain reports and logs for audits and repudiation.

Available 24/7 To Help Your Business

Our customer support team is based in the United States and is always ready to help. Whether you need help with your initial set up, training for your team, or your account configuration, we are here to help.

Learn more about how Softlinx can help, contact us at 1-800-899-7724, or fill out our form to Get a Quote.