Replix® Enterprise Fax Servers

Comprehensive Features and Flexible Integration Toolkits for Business Faxing

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built to serve the demanding faxing needs

Softlinx Replix® Enterprise Fax Servers are built to serve the demanding faxing needs of enterprise-level businesses managing high-volume production faxing and enterprise fax deployments. Our enterprise fax solution offers a more reliable, more secure and more scalable solution for your business than anything else you’ll find on the market today. 


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Benefits of Softlinx’ Enterprise Fax Servers

This is a sampling of the improvements you’ll see when you work with our enterprise fax solutions:


Fax Automation Made Simple

Softlinx’ enterprise fax servers offer fully-featured fax APIs and automation toolkits, helping your organization seamlessly integrate and streamline electronic faxing into your electronic fax document workflow.


Production Application Faxing

Softlinx’ enterprise fax solution is designed for maximum reliability, performance and flexibility. With Softlinx, your organization can automate high-volume inbound and outbound faxing with ease.


Compliance and Security

Softlinx’ fax servers offer extensive data encryption capabilities to ensure data security and support your regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI DSS for healthcare and financial services.


Fax Server Consolidation

Softlinx’ enterprise fax solution makes it easy for you to consolidate multiple, outdated legacy fax servers deployed at different departmental locations into a centralized, enterprise-wide fax service platform.


Cloud Service or On-premise

Softlinx offers both outsourced cloud fax service and on-premise fax over IP (FoIP) fax server solutions. Migration from one solution to the other is easy and flexible to meet any enterprise faxing need.


Productivity & Cost Savings

With Softlinx’ electronic fax filing, printing, metadata passing and barcode fax workflows, you can streamline your fax workflow processes, cut your fax-related expenses and improve the productivity of your staff.

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Key Features of Softlinx’ Enterprise Fax Servers

  • Easily manage your fax services using a standard web interface for server configuration, user administration, generating reports and fax activity monitoring and tracking.
  • Benefit from centralized management capabilities for the entire server system including local and remote gateways and multiple user groups.
  • Support both individual users and user groups with flexible options and preference settings in the tiered user management section.
  • Upgrade and change your software on-the-fly without shutting down your system or disrupting your fax service.
  • End-user faxing utilities like Email-to-Fax, Print-to-Fax and Web Fax are easy to use even for new employees. Additionally, any MFPs can be used to submit paper-based fax jobs.
  • Broadcast faxing enables you and your employees to automatically fax a single document to business groups or a distribution list, maximizing your organizational efficiency.
  • The Softlinx enterprise fax server is bundled with an SMTP mail-to-fax gateway.
  • Microsoft Outlook Fax Add-in and IBM Lotus Notes FaxMemo templates are included in the software license, along with native address book integration to support both Outlook and Notes email users.
  • Softlinx is integrated with LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory and IBM Lotus Domino Address Book, minimizing double-entry for more efficient faxing processes.
  • The system automatically retransmits failed fax pages from the failure page, preventing your employees from doing it manually and saving time and labor costs.
  • Flexible fax scheduling options allow users to delay sending faxes until a set date and time.
  • Automatic fax status notifications are sent to users by email, providing a copy of the fax file in question.
  • The Fax Back Confirmation function sends a confirmation fax back to the sender.
  • Ideally suited for replacing outdated, legacy fax servers deployed at multiple departmental locations, server consolidation allows you to centralize enterprise-wide fax services.
  • Server Virtualization and Server Clustering features guarantee uninterrupted, high-performance fax services through your centralized, enterprise fax server.
  • The multi-tiered, distributed system architecture enables deployment of your enterprise-wide fax service across global locations with local call termination while maintaining centralized control and administration.
  • Incoming faxes can be delivered as an email attachment in PDF or TIF format. Alternatively it can be delivered as a secure document link for download with authentication to ensure further protection.
  • Route your incoming faxes to shared network folders. You can even automate the filing of sent and received faxes into folders based on senders, recipients, dates or other fax metadata information.
  • Send faxes from shared folders in an unattended manner. Receive faxes to one or more email addresses or folders, or even print a hard copy on a network printer without any manual efforts.
  • Automate inbound fax workflow processes for Claims Processing using Softlinx’ Barcode Fax Workflow and Triage Management web solution.  One or multiple claims submitted via fax with barcoded cover page are processed with 100% accuracy to electronically deliver the fax into backend claims processing application. Any exceptions are also efficiently managed using the web-based, triage solution.
  • Using comprehensive Web Service Fax APIs, any business application can easily be fax-enabled. This allows businesses to send and receive faxes without any manual effort.
  • The Developer Portal is available to expedite API integration efforts. The portal offers full documentation, sample code and test fax server access for API development.
  • Using a ReplixFax utility called Folder Fax, a Windows service based tool, businesses can automate their outbound faxing via simple script-based configuration.
  • The Softlinx high-accuracy reporting capability generates detailed logging and fax usage reports so administrators can monitor costs, track billing and maintain accurate accounting records.
  • Businesses can set logging levels and trace low-level system activities so that they can troubleshoot and resolve problems more quickly.
  • Automated fax archiving includes a set of built-in features that enable fax documents to be electronically captured, indexed and stored for fast search and retrieval. This ensures greater security, less risk and reduced liability, and often helps meet regulatory compliance.
  • Customized usage reports are automatically generated according to user preferences. These help your business monitor costs and minimize resources.
  • Healthcare companies require security and privacy for their clients, and Softlinx can help. Softlinx’ cloud faxing service is HIPAA compliant.
  • As a PCI DSS compliant service, Softlinx is also ready to serve the faxing needs of the financial service industry.
  • Not all businesses have converted to digital formats, and some simply prefer to use faxes. Without a fax method, you might not be able to communicate with these potential clients and partners in the way they prefer. With Softlinx, your business can send and receive faxes in a digital format and communicate with a wider range of clients while maintaining your data security.
  • Experienced support engineers and technical support staff from Softlinx
  • All software updates and fixes are included with annual support agreements