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Experience the benefits of cloud-based, secure online document delivery with our cloud faxing technology.

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Our Cloud Fax Service Made Easy for Any Application

Cloud faxing is a new faxing method that relies on a cloud-based service in place of legacy fax machines to transmit documents digitally.  Our cloud fax solutions streamline your business communications and document delivery, making cloud fax the perfect choice for efficiency and convinience.

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Secure, reliable and HIPAA compliant

Softlinx cloud fax service is HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant supported by encryption during transmission and while “at rest” in the cloud, which is hosted at an ultra-reliable, HIPAA compliant data center.

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Easy to use end-user faxing tools

Softlinx offers a full set of user-friendly faxing tools including Email to Fax, Print to Fax, Web Fax and MFP support, and an intuitive web portal to support your business’ online faxing needs using your preferred faxing method.

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Application faxing made easy

Softlinx offers fully-featured cloud fax APIs with sample code to help your organization more quickly fax-enable your business applications. Softlinx also provides test fax server and full technical support during implementation period.

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Total business faxing focus

Our service is designed for business users to streamline fax document workflow. We offer out of the box faxing automation tools for outbound faxing, electronic filing of inbound faxes, metadata passing and barcode fax workflow services.

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Dedicated to customer success

Softlinx’ dedicated U.S. support team provides first-class 24×7 support for customer success. Softlinx guarantees the best, with a service level agreement (SLA) for prompt problem resolution and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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Real-time disaster recovery

Softlinx service at our primary data center is replicated in real-time at a remote disaster recovery site to ensure your business continuity in case of disaster and to meet our recovery time (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

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Based on 7 reviews
Christina Byram
Christina Byram
Great product Overall: The faxing has been easy for our end users to utilize. Pros: The software is easy to use and customize. Cons: I have no complaints about the software, it works as intended.
William Deane
William Deane
NW3C - Human Resources Overall: I use Replifax on a monthly basis and it has proved to be reliable Pros: The product is easy to use and has proved to be reliable. Cons: The verification emails of faxes sent could contain a little more information regarding the transmission details.
Ginn Devan
Ginn Devan
ReplixFax for Government Overall: Easy, no hassle, good product as a service. Pros: Customer support [sensitive content hidden] is my go to guy. Always able to find answers and the product as a service just works. Ordering new numbers is easy and setting users and having the ability to integrate with SSO and control department access is a huge plus. Cons: Having to create a workaround for email notifications to a group since numbers can only be assigned to one user for cost reasons.
Bob Dant
Bob Dant
Fax integration Overall: Amazing product and as a reliable, fast, fax server. It would be hard to find one that fits a small company budget but requires a reliable uptime for the fax services. We had tried 2 other services and had to remove both because of uptime. Pros: Easy to install Easy to create an API interface Excellent up time Cons: RepliFax did not decode our barcode like a couple of other services. It had a module that we could call.
Kaci Kirmer
Kaci Kirmer
ReplixFax Works Overall: ReplixFax has been a reliable and secure method to reliably send and receive faxes. Pros: The ease of use, reliability, and customer support. Reports help with understanding volume. Cons: We have not had a significant con in using this product.
Al Duran
Al Duran
Wonderful Fax Solution Overall: Very happy, wish we made the switch earlier. Pros: Easy to use, Manageable and Scalable, Reliable. Cons: We have not see anything that we don't like.
Sean Riley
Sean Riley
ReplixFax - Low cost Fax Server replacement Overall: Since going live with ReplixFax we have had a positive experience. Not having to manage a fax server any longer is a big win. Pros: Cost and flexibility in pricing for our small scale was key in our decision to implement ReplixFax. Security related features was also a requirement for us, and ReplixFax included these in the price and not as add-ons . Cons: We had an issue with email notifications during our deployment due to security requirements on our end. However, ReplixFax support was quick to resolve this.

Frequently Ask Questions about Cloud-Based Fax Solutions

Compared to manual faxing or deploying an on-premise fax server, there are many benefits when you outsource your faxing needs to a cloud fax service. Notable benefits include:

  • You can easily send a fax using email or web from anywhere as long as you have Internet access.
  • No more busy signals, misplaced faxes or paper handling overhead.
  • You may choose your own fax number or keep an existing number.
  • Your faxes are securely delivered directly into your email inbox or selected file folders.
  • You can save money by eliminating phone line costs, capital expenses to purchase an on-premise fax server system, and maintenance costs.
  • You can save internal IT personnel or administration staff time to manage an on-premise fax system or manual fax machines.

Cloud faxing is much more secure than an office fax machine shared by many people. With close to 100% uptime, the ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service means no busy signals and secure, encrypted delivery of your faxes to one or multiple recipients anytime, anywhere.

Yes. If you would like to continue using your existing fax number with your ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service, you may port your existing fax number from your current telecom provider over to your new ReplixFax account. The number porting process takes 5 to 10 business days.

The following file types are supported for native file attachment:
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Office Word (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) and Excel (XLS, XLSX), Plain text (TXT), Tagged Image Format (TIF), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Rich Text Format (RTF), Postscript (PS), JPEG (JPG), Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), Bitmap (BMP)

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