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How to Fax Over Web Portal

Sending a fax over the ReplixFax web portal is straightforward. Start by logging into the portal with your ReplixFax account credentials. From there, you can go to the Send Fax tab, and fill out the recipient fax number. You’ll also have the option to create a cover page.

Upload the files you want to fax, and click send. You’ll receive a notification once the fax has been delivered. The web portal also offers a scheduling option, so you can send a fax later.

With Softlinx, you can upgrade your technology and handle communication needs with ease.

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The Advantages of Web Portal Faxing

With web portal faxing, you can:

Fax from anywhere: The ReplixFax web portal is available on any internet-connected device, so you can fax from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This accessibility makes faxing available to remote teams without the extra equipment requirements.

Send documents to thousands: The broadcast feature on the web portal allows users to send documents to hundreds or thousands of recipients if needed. This mass communication feature is valuable when your organization has a wide reach.

Keep information secure: ReplixFax operates with modern data encryption to protect your information through the faxing process. Authentication functions also protect sensitive documents from unauthorized eyes.

Update your technology: Fax machines are bulky, outdated equipment that take up space in your office. While we’re collectively transitioning away from these machines, some teams still rely on them for delivering information. Switching to web portal faxing clears your space without disconnecting you from fax owners.

Introduce administrative efficiency: Sending a fax over the ReplixFax web portal is faster than traditional methods. Save time completing this regular administrative task and focus on more important projects at work.

Improve user experience: Traditional faxing can lead to challenging technical issues. When your team has a simple, user-friendly portal for faxing, they can stay productive throughout the day.

Fax Over Web Portal Overview

The ReplixFax web portal is a user-friendly platform for sending faxes over the cloud. You can reach the web portal online and send a fax in seconds. The portal offers many features that add ease to the fax experience, such as:

  • An intuitive user interface to send a fax to one or multiple recipients
  • A fax history tab to review messages sent and received
  • A phonebook for quick access to your contacts
  • Simple user interface for easy navigation
  • A recent tab to improve ongoing communications
  • Broadcast and Mail Merge Fax support
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Request a Demo for ReplixFax

When you choose ReplixFax for web portal faxing, you gain an intuitive communication platform with a 24/7 customer service team. The platform’s features offer the efficiency and ease your team needs to stay on top of administrative tasks. Get a quote for ReplixFax today or request a demo to see it for yourself. If you have questions about our platform, reach out to the Softlinx team today.