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Barcode Fax

End-to-end Barcode Fax and Triage Workflow Solutions for Claims Processing

ReplixFax Barcode Workflow offers an end-to-end document workflow solution to manage inbound document routing into your backend business application.

ReplixFax Barcode Workflow


Zero One Graphics

Processing of single or multiple claim faxes

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Coverpage barcode generation via API

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Barcode value and fax file delivery to a network folder

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Email notification of triage fax alert message

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Web based barcode fax triage application

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Multiple triage fax queues and triage processing teams

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Triage and workflow status reports


Efficient and reliable electronic routing

Reduced human errors

Increased document workflow productivity

Efficient, web-based triage handling

Enhanced security and compliance

Use Cases

Claims processing
Reimbursement processing
Applications processing