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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax Service


For more than two decades, Softlinx has provided businesses with comprehensive cloud faxing and document delivery services. From HIPAA compliant cloud fax services to business fax outsourcing, we have you covered. Outsource your faxing to cloud services and increase your cost savings, compliance, productivity and more.

Integrate Cloud Faxing into Your Existing Document Workflows

At the end of the day, fax is still the most secure method of transferring highly sensitive information. With Softlinx, you can integrate your new cloud faxing methods straight into your existing workflow without the need for new equipment, servers or telephone lines. Boost your productivity and efficiency in your organization while minimizing security risks with Softlinx. Try our cloud faxing and save money by paying as you go.


Cloud Fax Service

No more fax machines or fax servers. Pay-as-you-go with ease of use, reliability, and compliance.


100% HIPAA Compliant Fax

Electronic fax geared toward the healthcare industry. Ensuring the security of confidential patient information.


FoIP Fax Servers

Production faxing automation and comprehensive end-user faxing via email, web, mobile and more.

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How Can Cloud Fax Services Help Your Business?

Our cloud-based faxing services are designed for use with the following industries and more:

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Healthcare Application Software Vendors

Reliably and securely deliver patient information from your healthcare applications including electronic health record (EHR)/electronic medical record (EMR), practice management (PM), lab information system (LIS) applications and more.

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Corporate IT Managers and Business Owners

Save money by eliminating upfront purchases and ongoing maintenance costs associated with traditional faxing methods using fax machines or on-premise fax servers by switching to cloud faxing and pay-as-you-go.

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IT Solution Providers and Resellers

Offer private branded, secure faxing services to your existing client base and start generating extra revenues and profits. Softlinx offers attractive revenue sharing reseller partner program and first-class partner support.

The Benefits of Choosing Softlinx Cloud Fax Service


100% HIPAA compliant

We keep your patients’ information 100% secure and HIPAA compliant applying necessary controls and latest information security technologies. Keep confidential patient information secure with our fax services.

Secure and reliable

Increase your security with the power of modern data encryption and keep your operation protected from both ends. Our service platform and network infrastructure offer high availability and disaster recovery to keep your business going without disruption.

Easy to use end user faxing tools and administration portal

Enhance your workflow and efficiency by using simple, user friendly online faxing tools via email and web, and manage most demanding faxing requirements of your business with ease through our service administration web portal with comprehensive features.

Seamless application faxing from your business applications

Softlinx provides market-proven cloud fax APIs and convenient faxing automation tools to enable your healthcare and other business applications with secure, HIPAA compliant faxing directly from within your application.

Unlimited capacity and performance

No more worries on delays to send urgent fax documents or busy fax tones for incoming faxes. Softlinx services provide scalable service performance with multiple carrier connectivity to ensure the highest call completion success rates.

Unmatched customer support

At Softlinx, we put top priority on providing highest quality of customer support with responsiveness and prompt resolution of any service-related issues, which is backed by online ticketing system and live agents to keep our service quality commitment as documented on our service level agreement (SLA).

Our Customers

A select set of our customers across industries

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