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Retail Cloud Faxing

Cloud Faxing for the Retail Industry

Faxing is still an essential component of everyday retail operations. From incoming orders to secure store-to-store communications to past-due invoices, the process of faxing is not disappearing anytime soon. However, the costs of expensive machines, toner, long-distance telephone charges and endless reams of paper can have a significant impact on the budget of a retail operation.

That’s where Softlinx comes into play. By using our secure cloud fax services, you can still send and receive faxes without the hassles of traditional equipment. More importantly, you can transmit and manage all your sensitive information without risk.

Why Should a Corporate Retailer Switch to Cloud Faxing

The most significant advantage for a retailer when switching to cloud faxing is employing the latest technology to streamline the fax process while still having the compatibility of legacy equipment. By using our service supported by ReplixFax, you’re improving the whole process. You can send a fax in a digital format over the internet on almost any electronic device.

Cloud faxing eliminates the lengthy dialing times and extensive filing demands generated by traditional incoming and outgoing faxes. Plus, you no longer need to set aside space for your bulky legacy fax machine, its components and reams of paper.


Benefits of Cloud Faxing in the Retail Industry

Cloud faxing is especially beneficial in the retail industry because tighter margins often require much higher operating efficiencies. Advantages of using the Softlinx cloud fax service include:

  • Security: Softlinx cloud faxing uses encryption during transmission and while at rest in the cloud. Each fax requires a username and password for access.
  • Cost savings: Expenditures associated with traditional faxing include telephone bills, equipment maintenance, ink cartridges and paper — and they can add up quickly. There are few material requirements with cloud faxing, and you only need to pay for the services you use.
  • Send and receive faxes from any device: You can transmit or view faxes from multiple devices and formats, including email, web portals, the Softlinx application program interface (API) or the Windows desktop print-to-fax application.
  • Speed: Cloud faxing allows you to avoid long delays caused by paper jams, busy signals, manual dialing and machine malfunctions, permitting you to focus on the core tasks of your retail business that matter most.

Payables and receivables are some of the most sensitive elements of retail. Cloud faxing services from Softlinx are ideal for providing top-notch protection to the most secure documents. An SSAE 18 audited secure data center and AES 256-bit encryption of fax documents by the Softlinx ReplixFax service ensure customer’s documents are kept secure all the time.


How Softlinx Cloud Faxing Supports Corporate Retailers

For more than 20 years, Softlinx has been providing cloud-based fax and other secure document delivery solutions to various industries for companies from all over the world. Our primary goal is to help our customers increase their business’s efficiency while maximizing their profits. Our innovative approach and understanding of retail allow us to furnish optimized solutions to businesses across the retail sector, both large and small.

Among some of the added benefits that Softlinx provides are:

  • Easy-to-use faxing tools
  • Fully featured cloud fax APIs
  • Real-time disaster recovery methods
  • 24/7 customer support


Choosing Softlinx as Your Trusted Cloud Faxing Service Provider

To learn more about Softlinx cloud fax services, call us at (800) 899-7724 or complete our quote form today. You can also schedule a demonstration by filling out an online live demo form.

Learn more about how Softlinx can help, contact us at 1-800-899-7724, or fill out our form to Get a Quote.