Fax Workflow Solutions

Our ReplixFax technology is the industry’s most reliable and secure online faxing service

Fax Workflow Solutions

Automate your fax workflow with ReplixFax. Our cloud-based applications provide efficient solutions to electronic filing and delivery management of inbound and outbound faxes, automated outbound faxing, broadcast and mail merge faxing, barcode fax workflow and automated faxback acknowledgment.

Unattended Electronic Fax Filing

ReplixFax Delivery Manager provides fail-proof electronic filing and routing management of inbound and outbound faxes. Get documents to the right place quickly and without the need for additional manual handling.

The ReplixFax Delivery Manager support the following features and capabilities:

  • Electronic filing of inbound and outbound faxes into designated network folders with flexible labeling and naming conventions.
  • Delivery of fax metadata file to your applications in your preferred metadata file format.
  • Automatic printing of an incoming fax document to a network-connected printer.

Use cases of Delivery Manager would include applications such as:

  • Archiving of all sent and received faxes in a centralized repository for corporate records.
  • Purpose-driven, sorting and selective fax filing such as a salesperson filing customer purchase orders based on the customer name and order date.
  • Extracting metadata and document capture to integrate into existing back-office applications for automated delivery.

Automated Outbound Faxing

Choose from multiple configuration options that streamline the outbound faxing process without manual operation. The ReplixFax Fax Loader will submit outbound jobs automatically, freeing your team to focus on other tasks.

Our folder-based unattended faxing lets you:

  • Set it up easily with flexible options to support individual fax file, batch or FCL processing modes.
  • Retrieve or set metadata from file names.
  • Look up single or multiple folders to submit fax jobs.
  • Configure your own polling intervals.

Softlinx automated outbound faxing is ideal for use cases like:

  • Faxing invoices and billing statements.
  • Sending medical reports and lab test results.
  • Faxing ad-hoc client application reports.
  • Delivering purchase orders and sales agreements efficiently.
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Broadcast and Mail Merge Faxing

Send bulk fax documents with higher accuracy, efficiency and reliability. ReplixFax technology boosts your company’s ability to send files in bulk with less downtime.

Our high-volume fax broadcast and mail merge fax solutions provide:

  • A more efficient and affordable way to send bulk faxes and handle heavier fax volumes.
  • Ability to send personalized fax content to multiple recipients.
  • Integration with CRM systems for seamless communication with clients and customers.
  • Customizable scheduling options for optimized transmission times.
  • Comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities for monitoring delivery status and success rates.
  • Scalability to accommodate growing fax communication needs without compromising performance.

You’ll find ReplixFax Broadcast and Mail Merge faxing ideal for applications like:

  • Mass sending of purchase orders, shipping notices and other documents.
  • Delivering personalized faxes such as patient lab test results and customer communications.
  • Automating current complex paper processes.

Barcode Fax Workflow

ReplixFax barcode recognition technology supports automation of fax document workflow by recognition and delivery of document metadata to back-office business applications. Our tools accurately recognize unique identifying information while sending triage alerts for unknown or unrecognizable data to further streamline the cumbersome document triage process.

Key features of our barcode document workflow include:

  • Recognition of barcoded metadata information with 100% accuracy.
  • Ability to handle one or multiple barcoded documents submitted in a single fax.
  • Web-based application to efficiently manage error document triage process.
  • API-based barcode cover page generation support.

Applications where barcode document workflows are helpful include:

  • Claims processing
  • Patient record faxing
  • Application processing
  • Reimbursement claims and requests

Automated FaxBack Acknowledgment

ReplixFax faxback acknowledgment tools allow users to automatically send an acknowledgement to the sender to confirm the receipt of an important document such as purchase orders and contracts.

Key features of faxback solution include:

  • Rule-based faxback configuration setup depending on the received fax status and correct sender number.
  • Customizable faxback page template.
  • Faxback log and search criteria to conveniently review the faxback history.

Automated acknowledgment is ideal for applications like:

  • Instant acknowledgement of the receipt of a purchase order from a customer.
  • Automated acknowledgement of the receipt of important contract agreements.
  • Immediate request to the sender to resend a partially received fax document.

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Our ReplixFax technology is the industry’s most reliable and secure online faxing service. We focus on partnering with businesses to solve their compliant and secure faxing challenges with innovation, affordability and exceptional support. 

Industry-Leading Reliability and Security

With ReplixFax, you can trust that your fax communications are in safe hands. Our advanced technology ensures unparalleled reliability, guaranteeing that your faxes are delivered promptly and securely every time.

Tailored Solutions for Compliance

We recognize that compliance is a top priority for businesses operating in regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and legal. That's why ReplixFax is designed to meet the strictest compliance requirements, including HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS.

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