Fax over IP (FoIP) Solutions

Fully Virtualized Fax Servers Interoperable with Your VoIP Infrastructure

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high-performance, virtualized FoIP solution tailored to your organization

Softlinx’ ReplixFax Server delivers a high-performance, virtualized FoIP solution tailored to your organization’s network environment. With ReplixFax, you can benefit from an enterprise Fax over IP fax server to manage your corporate faxing requirements leveraging your Voice over IP (VoIP) network infrastructure.

Fax over IP (FoIP) Solutions

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Fax over IP software, or FoIP, allows organizations to send and receive faxes over their Voice over IP (VoIP) network. The big differentiating factor for IP Faxing is that these fax messages don’t require phone numbers — just IP addresses. In a Voice over IP or VoIP network, each IP endpoint is already equipped with a media gateway.

Even if you don’t have a VoIP network in place, you can still implement FoIP fax in your workplace and virtualize your fax servers by using a media gateway. This gateway must support either a T.38 FoIP protocol or a G.711 protocol on your company’s internal IP network.

T.38 FoIP is also called “real-time faxing,” which means the fax messages are both sent and received at the same time instead of waiting to be stored. From the outside, this looks a lot like traditional faxing but can use computers. More often than not, IP fax machines are used in corporate environments.

The G.711 protocol is the simpler version of this and can be used as a backup if a T.38 call doesn’t go through properly. This method tends to have more problems, primarily in that the signal can be compressed. This can be prevented with proper software hooked up to your VoIP line.

The important part of this fax method as a whole, however, is the presence of a fax gateway or server to handle the fax message. The result is the same: an easy-to-implement faxing solution that can work with just about any established business system.

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What are the Benefits of Integrating ReplixFax FoIP?

With the improved capabilities and integration of cloud-based services, FoIP is becoming more and more popular with companies of every size and industry. The software that drives the system is always growing and improving, meaning you can continually upgrade to stay as productive as possible.

Business fax over IP services have no shortage of advantages, including:


Streamlined Processes

Many FoIP service providers and software options can help streamline your company’s workflow by connecting your faxing capabilities to your internet services. Having this setup also allows you to integrate and automate processes. For example, for companies that handle health records, their workers frequently have to move documents from their system to other software and back.

By connecting their software to FoIP, they can automate document delivery processes. Additionally, FoIP allows your business to streamline your communication by using internet services as a single channel, rather than having a separate telephone line, which also helps to decrease costs.


Easy Installation

Two of the most common deterrents that make many companies hesitate when it comes to integrating new software or hardware are the potential for installation downtime and slowing productivity with the learning curve. With FoIP, you won’t have to worry about either.

The installation process is easy and fast, and there’s a good chance your current IP infrastructure already supports it. If it does, then you already have everything you need, which keeps costs and time to a minimum. Also, there is virtually no learning curve for your employees to hurdle — FoIP integrates well with any workflow and allows individuals to access everything they need on a single dashboard.


Improved Security and Compliance

For many industries and companies, security is a major issue. Their reputation and the safety of their clients’ information relies upon the compliance of their communication systems. Any potential threats or risks can be damaging, especially for those in the financial or healthcare sectors.

Sending information through FoIP services is a reliable and safe form of communication and document transmission. You send data through a virtual fax number, which transfers your documents directly to your recipient’s email address with full encryption.

Computers and email inboxes are password-protected, making the transmitted information much harder to steal or lose. It also reduces risk by allowing the recipient to save the document directly to their computer, rather than printing and filing it. It keeps your sensitive data safe and keeps your company compliant with data regulations.


Improved Connectivity

In the modern era, larger companies typically need to work harder to promote connectivity between their departments and workers. Many businesses have hundreds of employees, and in most cases, some or a significant portion work remotely. Remote work has been on an upward trend for years and continues to grow — as of 2016, 60% of national organizations offer partial or full-time telecommuting opportunities.

By taking your communication to an online platform, you streamline your services and allow your workers access to the same functionality. Those outside the office can use the software with ease, keeping them on the same page as your internal workforce. Cloud services make collaboration much more straightforward, especially when it comes to data communication.


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Pairing With VoIP

Whether you’ve invested in VoIP services or not, it pairs well with FoIP. If you have made the switch from traditional telephone lines to VoIP, then you have a comparable idea of how it will work for faxing as well. But if you haven’t, the two go hand in hand, replacing telephone services with cloud-based internet servers. With both, you can bring your legacy telephone network service costs down to zero and focus solely on communication through the same server.

Highlights of ReplixFax FoIP Solutions

The ReplixFax FoIP server is feature-rich and allows you a great deal of flexibility:

  • The ReplixFax FoIP server is certified for both Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 fax software for boardless fax over IP implementation and Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034 fax board for more traditional hardware based telephony implementation.
  • The ReplixFax Fax over IP solutions are compliant with T.38, SIP and H.323 industry standards. It’s also compliant with G.711 as a fallback if a T.38 call is unsuccessful.
  • The ReplixFax enterprise fax over IP solutions are optimized for mid-to-large enterprise FoIP deployment.
  • The ReplixFax Fax over IP server supports fax server virtualization and out-of-the-box ReplixFax fax server clustering for scalability, performance and system availability.
  • The software interoperates with Voice over IP phone switches and media gateways from most leading vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel, Siemens, Alcatel and Dialogic. Contact Softlinx for checking interoperability with your specific IP network environment and configuration recommendations.


There are numerous advantages to sending fax messages over an IP network or the internet instead of the traditional phone line:

  • Leverages the IP network infrastructure for maximum efficiency of the business’ server capacity and network resources.
  • Reduces network complexity and administrative overhead by consolidating voice, fax and data on a single converged network.
  • Eliminates the need to install remote fax servers and hardware modem boards, reducing equipment costs.
  • Increases server hardware utilization via fax server virtualization, further reducing equipment and utility maintenance costs.
  • Reduces long-distance PSTN charges.
  • Enhances disaster recovery capabilities.