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Production Faxing

Production Faxing

High Volume Business Document Delivery by Electronic Faxing Directly from Your Application

ReplixFax supports a broad range of production faxing requirements ranging from high-volume, unattended application document delivery to industry specific ad-hoc fax processing.

High-Volume Application Faxing

layersFax-enable virtually any business application using ReplixFax Web Service APIs and Toolkits to automate electronic document delivery by fax.

Inbound Fax Delivery Workflow

copyFlexible routing rules and metadata handling allow fax documents to be filed in network folders or delivered to back-office applications.

Folder Based Unattended Faxing

folderJust drop a document to fax with proper fax metadata into a selected folder to submit a batch fax request to automate outbound faxing.

Fax Back Acknowledgement Workflow

arrowsAutomated fax back confirmation to the sender prevents potential disputes for important financial, healthcare or legal transactions.

Barcode Document Workflow

barcodeProcess barcode-based case documents to automate electronic document workflow along with a triage web application to handle exceptions.

OCR and Searchable PDF Workflow

interface-1Add-on conversion module turns received faxes into a searchable PDF document or extracts data to support electronic document workflow.

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