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Fully-Featured Web Service Fax API and Integration Toolkits

ReplixFax API Simplifies High Volume Production Faxing

For businesses with high-volume application faxing needs, the ReplixFax API is an ideal tool to fax-enable your application to reduce your costs, ensure your faxing is secure and reliable, and simplify your fax infrastructure.

The Fax API development toolkit comes with ReplixFax Web Service Fax API, sample code and tutorials along with access to our dedicated technical support  to help your team expedite the API integration process.

Comprehensive API Features and Functions

ReplixFax API is available in both SOAP based and REST APIs, and supports the following functions:

  • Managing server configuration and authentication
  • Managing users and departments
  • Managing sending and receiving faxes
  • Managing fax metadata, cover pages and fax contents
  • Querying fax status for inbound and outbound faxes
  • Managing phonebooks

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