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Send & Receive Faxes Directly From Epic

Helping you solve the challenges of faxing medical records and other documents requiring the highest reliability and security levels.

Cloud Fax Integration to Help Epic Users


ReplixFax is an industry-leading, HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service that delivers unmatched consistency, reliability and security. It provides a platform with easy-to-use cloud faxing utilities for desktop and mobile applications, including a web portal for managing fax-related administrative tasks. The system maintains detailed user activity logs while offering complete document removal from the system for immediate security.

ReplixFax offers protection for both ends of the faxing process. It authenticates a user’s credentials before sending each fax and sends a delivery status notification after processing and delivery.


How Does ReplixFax Work?


Softlinx ReplixFax cloud fax service allows Epic users to send and receive faxes directly from Epic to simplify fax management. Epic users can send faxes by submitting a request to the ReplixFax service through the Epic Print Services (EPS) function. ReplixFax delivers the status of sent faxes back to the Epic system.

The ReplixFax Delivery Manager utility delivers incoming faxes to the Epic app, automatically sending them to a multifunction printer or downloading them to a network folder in the Document Management System (DMS). ReplixFax also supports secure FTP file drops into network folders for Epic users to review and attach to patient records. System administrators can access the ReplixFax web portal for detailed information about each fax job.

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Discover the Benefits of Using ReplixFax With Epic


ReplixFax integrates with Epic to solve the challenges of faxing medical records and other documents requiring the highest reliability and security levels. It helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations improve staff productivity and revenue cycles by enhancing the quality of the entire faxing process. By sending faxes directly from the Epic application, users keep the exchange of patient information confidential and protected.

ReplixFax Epic Integration

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Some of the primary benefits of using ReplixFax with Epic include:

  • Seamless Integration: ReplixFax integrates quickly and easily with nearly any operating platform, including Epic. It allows hospitals to fax under one system by sending and receiving through the cloud.
  • Cloud Faxing for Epic: ReplixFax eliminates the need for fax servers, manual fax machines or telephone lines using cloud technology.
  • Secure and Compliant: HIPAA compliant and modern data encryption protects your faxes and patient data.
  • Reliability with 100% Uptime: Enterprise-grade performance and reliability trusted by major US healthcare organizations and corporate users.

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Staying HIPAA-compliant With Epic Fax Solutions

ReplixFax cloud faxing for Epic ensures HIPAA compliance and electronic protected health information (ePHI) safeguarding through various measures, including password security, secure network connections and 256-bit encryption of data. Storage in a safe location, password-protected downloads and notification of delivery offer additional protection levels. ReplixFax also maintains logs for all fax requests, inquiries, retrievals and image deletions.

HIPAA Compliant Faxing

Work Smarter With ReplixFax and Epic Cloud Fax Integration

ReplixFax allows you to send and receive faxes directly from Epic without additional software or hardware. Sending faxes from one place brings an organization simplicity and cohesiveness, leading to greater productivity and smoother operation. Setting up ReplixFax is as easy as registering for an account, transferring fax numbers and starting to fax.

Upon integration, the Epic dashboard lets users quickly verify delivery, access detailed records and use data fields for reporting. Using ReplixFax and Epic in the cloud allows organizations to accelerate the exchange of medical records and critical patient data more quickly, securely and reliably than ever.

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Softlinx has been a global leader in cloud-based fax services and other secure document delivery solutions for over two decades. Our primary goal is to offer our customers reliable services that maximize profits and increase operating efficiency. Our world-class technical and customer support teams stand out in the industry for their expertise, dedication and passion. To learn more about ReplixFax Epic fax solutions and how Softlinx can help your business, fill out an online quote request or call us at (800) 899-7724.

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