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Cloud Faxing for the Legal Industry

Cloud Faxing for Law Firms

Faxing is still the standard form of communication in the legal industry today. Most lawyers believe that faxing is the most secure way to share information, as documents are much more likely to remain in the right hands when sent via this method. After all, one data breach in a high-profile case could end up creating a multitude of damage.

When it comes to legal paperwork and documentation, the confidentiality of the content is the highest priority. That’s why cloud faxing has become so important in the transmission of documents and case files. By using ReplixFax from Softlinx, attorneys can protect their legal documents while also increasing the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

Why Should a Law Firm Use Cloud Faxing

The simple answer to why a law firm should use cloud faxing is that it saves a considerable amount of time. When using a legacy fax machine, it could take up to several minutes to transmit a document — more if there’s a paper jam, the other line is busy or the machine malfunctions. Once a law firm’s decision-makers learn that cloud faxing is much safer and more efficient than traditional methods, the logic behind switching becomes clear.

The beauty of the Softlinx platform is that it can integrate with older systems, and it doesn’t need any extra hardware or equipment for conversion.


Benefits of Cloud Faxing in the Legal Industry

For those working in a law firm, knowing that your case files are secure and keeping your schedule running smoothly are integral to a successful day. Softlinx’s cloud faxing service can provide all that and more. Among the additional benefits are:

  • Reduced costs: Softlinx cloud faxing does not entail purchasing any expensive equipment or the materials to operate it — this service eliminates long-distance dialing fees, escalated paper prices and the maintenance costs associated with conventional methods.
  • Tighter security: By transmitting cloud-based faxes, the chances of confidential case information getting into the wrong hands are virtually nonexistent. Our services use encryption that requires a username and password to gain access.
  • Improved time management: Paralegals will no longer need to travel down the block to send time-sensitive faxes. Lawyers won’t need to wait hours to receive a critical document because of equipment failure. By streamlining the day-to-day job duties, personnel can devote their time to the tasks that matter most.
  • Versatility: ReplixFax through Softlinx is compatible with various devices and formats, including email, our application program interfaces (APIs), print-to-fax applications, web portals and more.

Security is one of the central tenets of the legal industry, and ReplixFax delivers — faxed documents are stored safely in the cloud at a secure data center using the safest and most modern forms of protection.

Some additional advantages that set Softlinx apart from the competition are:

  • Easy-to-use operating platform
  • Proprietary APIs
  • Disaster recovery
  • Customer support 24 hours per day, seven days a week


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Softlinx has been a worldwide leader in cloud-based fax services and other delivery solutions for over two decades. Our main goal is to provide a reliable service for our customers that maximizes their profits and increases operating efficiency. Our first-class technical and customer service departments stand out in the industry for their expertise and dedication.

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