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Press Release: Softlinx Launches AI-Powered Inbound Fax Triage Service Revolutionizing Patient Intake and Care Process Efficiency for Radiology Centers

Softlinx has launched a groundbreaking inbound fax triage service designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of patient intake and care workflows. Powered by AI, this new service offers advanced data extraction, analysis, and patient workflow automation, representing a significant innovation in healthcare technology.

STONEHAM, Mass., May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Softlinx, a leading provider of HIPAA compliant cloud fax services, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking inbound fax triage service aimed at transforming the efficiency and accuracy of patient intake and care workflow processes. The new service, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), offers advanced data extraction, analysis, and patient workflow automation capabilities, marking a significant milestone in healthcare technology innovation.

Designed initially to address the challenges faced by radiology centers and clinics in handling patient referrals and follow-up information, Softlinx’s new inbound fax triage service streamlines the manual extraction, indexing and processing of patient data. By leveraging intelligent data extraction and analysis algorithms, the service accelerates the identification of critical information such as document type, referring physicians, and treatment details, significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual processing.

Key features of Softlinx’s AI-based triage service include:

  • Intelligent Data Extraction and Analysis: Advanced AI algorithms accurately extract and analyze patient-related information from incoming faxes, including patient demographics, document types, and treatment details, ensuring precise data capture.
  • Seamless Workflow Integration: The service seamlessly integrates with backend applications, enabling automatic transfer of extracted data to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other workflow applications, eliminating manual data entry and minimizing errors.
  • User-Friendly Triage Interface: An intuitive user interface (UI) allows users to verify extracted information, make corrections if necessary, and perform additional actions such as splitting multi-patient faxes and sending faxback requests for additional details, enhancing workflow flexibility and efficiency.

“This innovative triage service represents a significant advancement in radiology workflow optimization,” said Hikyu Lee, president and CEO of Softlinx. “By automating the tedious and error-prone manual processes involved in handling patient referrals, our solution empowers radiology centers and clinics to achieve faster turnaround times, reduce errors, and realize substantial cost savings.”

Softlinx’s AI-powered triage service is currently available for direct customers, with plans for expansion to ISV reseller partners in Q3 2024. Radiology practices seeking to streamline their workflow processes and enhance operational efficiency are encouraged to explore the benefits of Softlinx’s latest innovation.

For more information about Softlinx and its AI-powered triage service, contact Softlinx online or call +1 (978) 881-0560.

About Softlinx: Softlinx offers innovative solutions to streamline document management and communication processes in healthcare and enterprise organizations. With a commitment to delivering secure, efficient, and user-friendly solutions, Softlinx helps healthcare providers and businesses across industries enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve positive outcomes.

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Softlinx Recognized as a Key Partner of Success: BirchStreet Systems

BirchStreet Systems offers companies Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cloud solutions to help improve business processes by gaining efficiency, compliance and visibility to reduce costs. With their best-of-breed solutions and strong value proposition as the leading provider of Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solutions for enterprises operating in the hospitality space, BirchStreet is poised to enter its next phase of expansion into a hyper growth position.

BirchStreet Finds a Secure and Reliable Cloud Faxing Service

As a key component of success for its Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cloud solutions, BirchStreet needed a cloud-based, secure and reliable fax service partner to handle their increasing demand on reliable and timely delivery of purchase orders to suppliers around the globe on behalf of their customers that include such premium hotel brands as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Accor, and Four Seasons among the enterprise-wide users of its suite of SaaS on-demand solutions.

About Softlinx

Softlinx provides Secure, Reliable and Compliant Cloud Fax Service solutions via a full set of end user faxing methods as well as cloud fax APIs. By using Softlinx’ cloud fax APIs, providers of enterprise cloud application solutions such as BirchStreet can enable their solutions with a seamless application faxing capability offering the highest service availability and reliability.

BirchStreet uses Softlinx cloud fax services to send over 50,000 fax pages per month on behalf of its customers to the corners of the globe to its customers’ suppliers. By partnering with Softlinx, BirchStreet increased its worldwide success rate by 20% while cutting costs by 10%.

Contact Softlinx Today for Cloud Faxing Services

For over 20 years, Softlinx has been providing cloud-based fax and secure document delivery solutions to help our customers optimize their document workflow processes and reduce costs. Headquartered in North Reading, Massachusetts, Softlinx has built an impressive track record of helping our customers improve their business efficiency, save costs and grow their success. Contact us today to learn more about cloud faxing for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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How to Make Your Business More Environmentally-Friendly

For companies providing their services to consumers, it has become a priority to ensure company operations are environmentally-friendly. In developed markets, sustainability is now a critical factor in shopper decisions, with one-third of consumers using it as a deciding factor. This shift also coincides with the maturity of millennials, with more than 65 percent willing to pay more for a product manufactured through sustainable, eco-friendly efforts.

In response to this market change, many companies are adopting eco-friendly business practices. Here are seven techniques they’re using to become a bit more sustainable.

1. Partner With Green Businesses

Companies with an established supply chain can assess and analyze their supply chain partners, such as manufacturers and distributors, to determine if their practices are green. A supply chain that uses recyclable and renewable materials, as well as minimal packaging with zero toxins, can often promote a clean supply chain or green procurement efforts to consumers.

This approach does pose a challenge, as it may require your company to form new business relationships and cease others. If you’re considering adopting this eco-friendly business practice, do not immediately switch all your processes to your new supplier, courier or manufacturer. Instead — if possible — taper your business off to ensure your new partner can meet your demands. It limits supply chain issues, such as those experienced by KFC and their new courier, DHL.

2. Use Green Web Hosting

The power demands of data centers in the U.S. are well-known. In 2014, they consumed enough power to match the energy usage of 6.4 million homes in the U.S. The improvements to server efficiency and power have lessened the growth rate of data center demands, while the popularity of green web hosting has provided companies with a viable way to make their business more eco-friendly.

A company that provides green web hosting operates on reusable energy. They also partake in additional carbon offset activities, such as planting trees or other vegetation on the facility’s property, utilizing energy-saving appliances and minimizing company waste. By focusing on a clean, eco-friendly operation, many of these hosting companies offer a lower rate for their services than non-green web hosting providers.

3. Optimize Energy Usage

Another productive way to make your business environmentally friendly is by assessing your energy usage and optimizing it. This area encompasses an expansive net, including the energy demands of your employee equipment, such as desktops, as well as heating, cooling, lighting and plumbing features. The assessment can also consider whether you’re purchasing renewable or non-renewable energy from your utility company.

To counter each of the above factors, you’ll rely on different approaches and technologies. The energy use of employee computers, for instance, can be resolved through company policies recommending the shutdown of non-essential equipment at the end of the day — or the installation of an automatic power shutdown system. For lighting and plumbing, your company can add energy-efficient LEDs and occupancy sensors, as well as low-flow toilets and low-flow faucets.

4. Initiate Recycling and E-Recycling Programs

Recycling is often a part of your employees’ personal lives, which is why many can quickly adapt to and support company recycling programs. A recycling program is one way to make your business more eco-friendly that also offers your organization the opportunity to apply for government grants. Since many companies use waste management providers, creating less waste can lead to a decreased fee.

In many instances, it’s difficult for consumers and businesses to recycle electronics due to their components. As a result, only 27 percent of the two million tons produced each year are recycled. Retailers and manufacturers, such as BestBuy, Dell, HP and Staples, will often accept electronics less than five years old for a store or tax credit, which allows your company to boost its green practices while saving money.

5. Go Paperless With the Cloud

Moving your company from pen-and-paper to digital documents offers more than financial savings, but also another option for how to make your business more eco-friendly. By adopting cloud computing, your organization can take advantage of cloud-based services from trusted third-party providers, such as for secure document delivery, faxing, network monitoring and more.

As well as decreasing your operating costs, investing in a paper-free operation provides a quick return on investment — in 84 percent of cases, companies received their payback in less than 18 months. A cloud-based service also benefits your employee productivity by streamlining document access and modification, plus supporting on-the-go communication among team members.

6. Carry Renewable Office Supplies

A significant factor in establishing eco-friendly business practices are your employees, who must adopt and support your efforts. That’s why they play an immense role in your use of renewable office supplies, which can include a variety of items, from pencils and pens to water bottles and single-use beverage pods. To support your renewable efforts, stock your shelves with post-consumer waste (PCW) products, such as paper towels and printing paper, and recyclable versions of single-use beverage pods.

Some companies will implement a team of green leaders to encourage employee participation. Their purpose is to promote cooperation, such as by initiating a recycling competition between departments, tracking the overall recycling savings and researching new ways to make your business green. While optional, it’s a route many businesses explore.

7. Audit Company Buildings for Energy Waste

On average, small- and medium-sized companies can save $165,000 through an energy audit. That’s why, if your company is searching for ways to make your business more eco-friendly, it’s recommended your facilities undergo an energy audit. With an experienced professional, your business can discover heating and cooling inefficiencies, as well as structural issues increasing your energy use and carbon footprint.

If you’re expanding your company by constructing a new office or facility, consider high-efficiency building construction. By investing in this type of architecture, your organization can promote your eco-friendly approach and reduce your overall operating costs, as high-efficiency building construction often lowers energy consumption by 80 to 90 percent.

Adopt Eco-Friendly Business Practices With Softlinx

With more than 20 years of experience and an established reputation for secure and compliant cloud-based solutions, Softlinx is the trusted partner for global organizations and world-class technology providers. Whether you’re a part of the healthcare, financial, education, manufacturing or insurance market, we can provide a secure and compliant cloud-based solution that matches your requirements.

Learn more about our secure cloud fax and document delivery services and 24/7 support by contacting us today.

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How to Create & Remember Strong Passwords

More than 35% of small enterprises, as well as almost 20 percent of medium-sized businesses, utilize weak passwords in their day-to-day operations. This statistic contributes to the continued targeting of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by hackers, which is why SMBs make up more than 60% of data breaches. The subsequent cost leads to more than half of affected SMBs closing within six months.

In response, companies of all sizes are re-directing their focus to employee security practices, such as password creation. As standards for password creation and memorization continue to evolve, it’s essential for every organization to learn how to create strong passwords now and in the future.

How to Remember a Strong Password

Here are five practices and tactics companies are suggesting employees implement to create and remember strong passwords.

1. Avoid Personable or Pop Culture Passwords

All users, whether for business or personal accounts, will often choose a password that’s defined by their relationships, hobbies and traits — information that’s usually accessible to the public via social media, people search websites or another public resource. Another feature found in weak passwords are pop culture references, well-known phrases and traditional swaps for letters, number and symbols, such as “1” for “l” or “@” for “2.”

As a result, it’s critical your staff avoids personable or pop culture passwords. Instead, teach them how to create a secure password that’s impersonal and original.

2. Create Strong Passwords With the Passphrase Method

Today, security professionals recommend a password of at least 12 characters, featuring symbols, numbers and both upper- and lower-case letters. In many cases, these requirements lead employees to re-use their passwords across accounts, which is an absolute security risk. A trusted tactic for how to create a strong password, per these industry standards, is the Passphrase Method.

If you’re familiar with the Passphrase Method, it’s undergone an update in the past few years. Initially, it focused on stringing together four common, unrelated words into a phrase, such as, “correct horse battery staple,” sans the spaces. That’s still applicable today, however, it’s now recommended to combine six words to create a secure password. When sharing this technique with staff, it’s paramount to emphasize that the words must have zero relation to one another.

Additional techniques for how to create a strong password include the Bruce Schneier Method and the Person-Action-Object (PAO) Method.

3. Use a Password Management Tool

The increasing standards for password creation continue to challenge users, specifically with memorizing an impersonal, 12-character password that’s non-sensical. The introduction of password management tools offers a solution to the frequent question of how to create a secure password you’ll remember. Several platforms for password management are available, including the cloud-based LastPass and 1Password — password management tools with local storage options are also in use, like KeePass.

The advantage of a password management tool is its ability to streamline password memorization, encrypt passwords and support industry standards for secure passwords. If you choose to introduce a cloud-based password management tool into your company, however, it’ll require every employee to create a master password, which they’ll store outside of the application. That’s why it’s vital to encourage employees to choose a secure password, as well as a safe space to keep it.

Due to varying technical levels, remember to explain the use and difference between a password management tool and an internet browser’s password-saving features to your staff, as well.

4. Provide Non-Traditional Answers to Security Questions

Answers to security questions, such as your mother’s maiden name, your high school’s mascot or your favorite movie, are widely available today due to social media and people search websites. Now, users must provide answers that mimic their passwords — impersonal. In many instances, your company’s preferred password management tool should also store your security question answers, which alleviates memorization concerns.

Staff can utilize some of the above techniques for password creation, like the PAO Method, to build secure security answers.

5. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

Still, the creation of secure passwords and security answers does not guarantee protection from hackers. It does, however, decrease the chance of a successful attack. To further protect your company’s data and employee accounts, use two-factor authentication. Several applications are available for use, including Google Authenticator and Authy, which Dropbox and LastPass support.

A newer method, one-button authentication is undergoing development by Google and Blizzard, but its age and lack of support make it a non-option for companies.

Why Strong Passwords Are Only One Part of Online Security

The above tips are useful for how to create a secure password for professional and personal accounts, but they encompass only one portion of online security. For businesses, there are several other components to a well-rounded security approach, including encryption, data security and compliance with industry standards. In response, many organizations rely on an in-house IT team, as well as a third-party service provider for securing their operations.

To demonstrate this relationship, consider the necessity of an organization, such as in the financial or medical sector, to deliver a virtual document with confidential information to a client or patient. The use of a secure document delivery service, such as from Softlinx, provides the necessary encryption and proper authentication to ensure the document and its sensitive data remains protected. It also complies with HIPAA and PCI DSS, meeting the standards of these markets.

As a result, online security encompasses global and local features. Across your business, for example, you may require HIPAA compliance and the use of a company-approved password management tool. The passwords your staff creates, however, may occupy a more localized level in your security plan with specific standards for password creation and storage.

Secure Your Company Data With Softlinx

At Softlinx, we’ve delivered cloud-based fax and secure document delivery services for more than 20 years to organizations throughout the medical, financial and insurance sectors, as well as to world-class technology providers, such as Microsoft, Cisco and IBM. By focusing on security, compliance, reliability and 24/7 support, we’ve become a trusted and respected partner to companies of all sizes.

Learn more about our HIPPA- and PCI-compliant faxing solutions for your industry by contacting us today.

Secure e-Faxing and Image Access Service for ADS MedicsRIS™ Users

The MedicsRIS from Advanced Data Systems (ADS) is enabled to fax radiology reports or other communications cleanly, effortlessly, and securely in HIPAA-compliant format through ReplixFax from Softlinx to referring physicians or other authorized recipients.

North Reading, MA (July 2, 2014)––Softlinx, a premier service provider of HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service today announced that the MedicsRIS application from Advanced Data Systems (ADS) is enabled with e-Faxing and image access capabilities of its ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service. Operating in the cloud with Fax over IP (FoIP), ReplixFax securely transmits directly from MedicsRIS without having to exit the system. Electronically delivered faxes can be uploaded into referring physicians’ EHRs or other healthcare applications using secure network connectivity. Images can also be easily accessed from these e-faxes.

Other features include:

  • Email-to-fax, fax-to-email, and print-to-fax transmissions
  • A batch loader utility for automated high volume outbound faxing
  • Incoming fax delivery to folders or for uploading directly into applications
  • Use of local or toll free fax numbers, or porting of existing fax numbers
  • Easy managing of phone books and cover pages

Fax administration for user management, monitoring fax activity updates, and setting system preferences are done via an easy to use web-based interface. The built-in, real time audit trail continually monitors system usage, by user.

Hikyu Lee, President of Softlinx, said, “We are proud of our partnership with ADS, a leading healthcare systems provider, to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care by enabling secure and efficient delivery of healthcare documents and medical reports. Our HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service offers market-proven reliability and dedicated support to our fast growing network of partners.”

David Barzillai, President of ADS, said, “We are pleased to make Softlinx e-faxing available to our large base of MedicsRIS clients and system users. This type of proven, high-end communications tool will enable our radiology clients to better and more easily connect with their referring physician networks, always with the goal of helping to improve patient health and wellbeing.”

Anthony Patane, CIO of NRAD Medical Associates, said, “Every day we deliver many radiology reports using the Softlinx cloud fax service from MedicsRIS to referring doctors. Softlinx cloud faxing and e-Document delivery technology eliminates manual upload steps, streamlining the end-to-end, secure document delivery from MedicsRIS.”

Contact Softlinx at (800) 899-7724 or by emailing for more information on our HIPAA-compliant Cloud Fax Service, and how Softlinx can help you fax-enable your applications.

About Softlinx

Softlinx provides industry-leading Cloud Fax Service, Enterprise Fax Servers and Fax Software solutions to healthcare software vendors, major global corporations and government organizations. The company’s award-winning ReplixFax solutions have been deployed worldwide to help industry leading organizations better manage their document processes and compliance requirements. Softlinx’ solutions deliver fast, quantifiable return-on-investment (ROI) to its customers by improving efficiencies and reducing expenses associated with manual inefficiencies of handling paper documents and unstructured content. Founded in 1993, Softlinx, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in North Billerica, MA.

About ADS

ADS is a leading provider of automation solutions to diagnostic/interventional radiology practices, and to radiology-oriented RCM companies. The company’s MedicsRIS™ is powerfully comprehensive yet affordable and is ICD-10 compliant helping radiology practices capture every dollar for every visit through built-in EDI for radiology, and with a 99% success rate on first-attempt clearinghouse claims. MedicsDocAssistant™ EHR for Radiology V.7.0 is certified as a complete EHR for Stage 2 MU. ADS has been ranked by RadiologyMU as a Top 5 vendor for radiologists obtaining their MU Medicare incentives. ADS provides timely Implementation, comprehensive Training and excellent ongoing Support/Updates. Contact ADS by emailing for more information on our systems for radiology.

About NRAD

NRAD Medical Associates is one of the largest privately owned multi-specialty physician practices in Nassau, Queens and Suffolk counties. Centers of excellence include NRAD Radiology Associates practicing in Long Island since 1927 making it the most experienced practice in the NY Metropolitan area. Board Certified, top tier physicians include Primary Care, Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology, Obstetrical and Gynecological, and General Surgery. NRAD Medical Associates is proud to be a member of one of the few Medicare certified ACOs in the state. Together NRAD forms a fully integrated, diverse multi-specialty group to meet the needs of the New York Metropolitan community.


Softlinx and Replix are registered trademarks of Softlinx, Inc. All other product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Softlinx Announces Partnership with Workshare

The Connector Allows Users to Compare Different Versions of Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF Documents from within the Oracle 10g Release 3 Content Management System for Productivity and Accuracy.

North Billerica, MA (November 11, 2007)Softlinx Inc., an industry leader in document automation, electronic document delivery and enterprise fax messaging solutions announced today its partnership with Workshare as a Value Added Integrity Partner and the availability of the Oracle UCM Connector for Workshare Professional.

The Oracle UCM Connector for Workshare Professional developed and marketed by Softlinx allows Oracle UniversalContent Management users to easily conduct accurate and efficient comparison of different versions of Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents with a few simple clicks from within Oracle UCM to fully benefit from Workshare Professional’s document control capabilities.

Oracle offers the industry’s most integrated and complete content management platform. Oracle Universal Content Management enables users to leverage industry-leading document management, Web content management, digital asset management, and records management functionality to build mission-critical business applications dealing with unstructured information.

Workshare Professional is a comprehensive document control software solution that increases the efficiency by which users create accurate content during a review cycle, easily compare different versions of documents and keep an audit trail of all changes to business critical documents while ensuring accuracy with single master tracking. Providing secure document collaboration, Workshare Professional solves the version chaos problem by bringing document lifecycle management capabilities to Microsoft Office with a complete audit trail of what is happening to documents during a review cycle.

By integrating these two industry leading document control and content management solutions, Softlinx further extends the Oracle users’ investment in their Oracle 10g Release 3 Content Management System and delivers the benefits of increased office productivity and document accuracy. The combined solution will also help organizations meet their compliance requirements for both corporate policy and government regulations.

“Many organizations deal with lengthy, complex documents with multiple versions for collaboration among various groups, all stored and managed in Oracle Content Management System. The Oracle UCM Connector for Workshare Professional will help Oracle UCM users improve their productivity and document accuracy with ease.” said Frank Woo, COO at Softlinx. “Being a partner of both Oracle and Workshare, Softlinx is in a unique position to develop and offer a robust, integrated solution connecting these two products to Oracle’s rich client base.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with Softlinx that expands our reseller channel and extends our secure document control solution to Oracle’s Content Management Suite,” explained Chris Holmes, Vice President of Corporate Development at Workshare. “Enterprises depend heavily on integrated document management systems and the joint product offering from Softlinx and Workshare provides a compelling, integrated solution that introduces a level of robust functionality and workgroup efficiency previously not available to the market.”

The Oracle UCM Connector for Workshare Professional is available now. It is installed as an add-on component to the Oracle 10g Release 3 Content Server, and requires Workshare Professional 5.1 desktop license per each user. Previously Softlinx also introduced the Oracle UCM Connector for Workshare DeltaView 3.0 for existing Workshare DeltaView users.

About the Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork is a global business network of more than 19,500 companies who deliver innovative softwar solutions based on Oracle software. Through access to Oracle’s premier products, education, technical services, marketing and sales support, the Oracle PartnerNetwork program provides partners with the resources they need to be successful in today’s global economy. Oracle partners are able to offer their customers leading-edge solutions backed by Oracle’s position as the world’s largest enterprise software company.

About Softlinx

Softlinx is a premier provider of document automation, network fax and electronic document delivery solutions to major corporations worldwide. With its ReplixFax enterprise fax server, DocuRouter intelligent document delivery platform, Document Connector products, and Oracle ECM consulting services, Softlinx delivers fast, quantifiable return-on-investment (ROI) to its customers by improving business efficiencies and eliminating costs associated with manual inefficiencies of handling unstructured content. Founded in 1993, Softlinx, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in North Billerica, MA. For more information, visit

About Workshare

Workshare, an information security company delivers Information Protection & Control solutions to over 6,000 organizations worldwide. Workshare solutions uniquely combine policy enforcement, management control and user entitlement to ensure safe information exchange without business disruption. Its products include Workshare Protect, Workshare Professional, Compare Service and TRACE! Workshare’s customer base spans small to large organizations in every industry segment with more than 60 percent of the Fortune 1000 and 85 percent of the ProServices 250. Over one million professionals in 65 countries use Workshare software. The company has offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Paris and Sydney. Workshare is the sponsor of, the definitive source for content security. For more information, visit
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Softlinx and Replix are registered trademarks of Softlinx, Inc. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Workshare Professional is a trademark of Workshare, Inc. All other product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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