Replix Enterprise Fax Server Features

efficient and cost-effective enterprise fax server solution

Whether you are deploying a fax over IP solution to leverage your voice over IP network or a production fax server for high volume automated faxing, we can provide you the most efficient and cost-effective enterprise fax server solution to meet your business faxing needs.

Our customers benefit from a broad range of standard and advanced fax features and first class support from the ReplixFax team.

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Ease of Server Administration

  • Easily manage fax service via standard Web interface for server configuration, user administration, fax activity monitoring, tracking and generating reports.
  • Centralized administration of the entire server system including local and remote gateways and multiple user groups.
  • Tiered user management to support individual users and groups for flexible options and preferences settings.
  • Upgrade and configuration changes on the fly without the system shutdown or service disruptions.

Easy to Use, Comprehensive End User Faxing Features

  • Offers easy to use end user faxing utilities for Email2Fax, Print2Fax and Web2Fax. Any MFPs can be used to submit paper-based fax jobs.
  • Offers broadcast faxing to automatically fax a single document to business groups or a distribution list for maximum efficiency
  • Shipped with bundled SMTP mail-to-fax gateway.
  • Microsoft Outlook Fax Add-in and IBM Lotus Notes FaxMemo template are provided with native address book integration to support Outlook and Notes email users.
  • Integrated with LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory and IBM Lotus Domino Address Book
  • Automatic retransmission of failed fax pages from the failure page to save time and costs
  • Flexible fax scheduling options for delayed sending
  • Fax status notification by email with a copy of fax file
  • Fax Back Confirmation to send a confirmation fax back to the sender

Fax Server Consolidation with High Availability and Unlimited Scalability

  • Ideally suited for legacy fax server consolidation to centralize enterprise wide fax service.
  • Guarantees uninterrupted, high-performance fax service through Server Virtualization and Server Clustering features.
  • Multi-tiered, distributed system architecture enables enterprise wide fax service deployment across global locations with local call termination while maintaining centralized control and administration.

Flexible Fax Routing and Filing

  • Incoming faxes can be delivered as a PDF or TIF attachment or a secure document link to one or multiple email addresses
  • Incoming faxes can be delivered to shared network folders for automated filing of sent and received faxes into folders.
  • Barcode or OCR recognition of fax coverpage index metadata for workflow automation.

Production Faxing Made Simple

  • Using comprehensive Web Service Fax API, any business application can be easily fax-enabled to send and receive faxes without any manual effort.
  • Developer Portal is available to expedite API integration efforts, which offers full documentation, sample code and test fax server access for API development.
  • Simple script based folder faxing can automate outbound faxing using ReplixFax Windows service utility.

Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting

  • High accuracy reporting capability generates detailed logging and fax usage reports to monitor costs, track billing and maintain accurate accounting records
  • Ability to set logging levels and trace low level system activities for faster troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Automated Fax Archiving for Compliance: Built-in features enable fax documents to be automatically captured, indexed and stored for fast search and retrieval, ensuring greater security, less risk and reduced liability
  • Customized Usage Reports: Generate fax usage reports to monitor costs and minimize resources

First Class Technical Support

  • Experienced support engineers and technical support staff from Softlinx
  • All software updates and fixes are included with annual support agreements

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