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Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance Companies

A significant aspect of the insurance industry is documentation, and these documents often contain sensitive information. When it comes to communicating with clients and getting signatures for essential forms, secure cloud faxing makes the processes fast and safe.

An insurance company deals with massive amounts of sensitive client information each day, and a lot of work goes into keeping this information safe. The documents they work with daily can include claim forms, approvals, denials, and more. While many insurance agencies store these documents in paper format, they frequently need to exchange them between brokers, clients, and other parties. To do this smoothly, insurance companies turn to fax solutions with high processing power, security, and reliability, like ReplixFax from Softlinx. With the cloud, they can have all of this, along with more efficient operations and lower costs.

Faxing Challenges For Insurance Companies

First and foremost, outsourcing your faxing can save money by offsetting the costs of hardware, software, maintenance, and utilities, among other expenses associated with the service. Taking all of these on yourself can add a substantial amount to your operational costs, particularly capital expenses. Monthly costs are typically more manageable and predictable. You also gain the expertise of technicians trained in that service, where hiring the personnel in-house could be much more costly. Outsourcing can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, but especially small businesses that may not be able to afford large IT departments.

In terms of cloud faxing specifically, you can also eliminate the costs associated with a traditional fax machine. You won’t need to pay for paper, ink, toner, maintenance, or a fax machine itself. Cloud faxing removes these expenses and operates from the Internet connection you likely already have.

As far as improving efficiencies go, cloud faxing creates a much more modern, streamlined infrastructure. It substantially minimizes operational expenses for insurance agencies. ReplixFax, for instance, allows insurance businesses to switch entirely over to digital fax formats, reducing or eliminating the need for fax hardware, as well as the associated costs for paper, toner, and maintenance. It eliminates the cumbersome process of sending a fax, the extra time it takes an employee to do so, and the security issues that come with traditional faxes. The process is usually as simple as sending an email or accessing a web portal, allowing your employees to spend more time doing what’s important.

The way you fax can influence the other challenges we mentioned, as well.

Rules and regulations

Customer experiences

Old systems

Other concerns include the sheer volume of faxes that some businesses have. This information has to be handled carefully every step of the way. Some businesses choose traditional faxing for its security and reliability, but a high volume of faxes can make the conventional method a laborious and challenging process. Cloud faxing is more efficient due to its flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness. The amount of time employees spend processing faxes on traditional machines can add up. With a quick and co-occurring process, they won’t have to wait through busy signals or shuffle stacks of papers around with a deadline to meet or a client waiting on the other end. You can also say goodbye to traffic jams at the office fax machine. Hundreds of employees in an enterprise can send a fax without interrupting each other.

Finally, security is another substantial component of faxing that can hold some companies back. These businesses might think that faxing is the only way to securely send their data in a way that clients and other organizations can accept. The truth is that there are better options out there. Reliable, legal communication is one reason that people have clung to traditional faxing, but cloud services maintain this status and are just as trustworthy as their predecessors. As an insurance company, you likely have to deal with regulatory compliance from several entities. Of particular concern is HIPAA, which aims to protect sensitive patient information in healthcare environments. Insurance companies often fall under this umbrella and need to comply with secure communications regulations. To do this, many team up with us at Softlinx for our high standards of security. Many in the healthcare industry use ReplixFax, attesting to its 100% HIPAA compliance. One way we do this is through our secure fax delivery system.

Secure fax delivery is somewhat different than traditional fax. This type of transmission is a safer way to send highly sensitive documents between participants. We use a multilevel security system with AES 256-bit encryption to keep your data secure while it is at rest in the cloud, and all transmissions are over an encrypted link via HTTPS/SSL or TLS/SSL for internet or email-based submissions of a fax job. Our data center is an SSAE-18 SOC-2 audited hosting facility with multiple data center locations throughout the U.S. that meets the standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for security, availability and compliance. That means we prioritize your sensitive data and know how to keep it protected. You can send any manner of vital documents with cloud fax services, including insurance claims, case reports, benefits claims, applications, processing documentation, adjustments, assessments, and more. You get the peace of mind of knowing you are both compliant and keeping your clients safe.

Faxing Challenges For Insurance Companies

With the numerous benefits cloud fax services offer, it’s an excellent investment for any insurance company. Softlinx offers a cloud fax service called ReplixFax. With our solution, you can efficiently fax insurance documents with peace of mind that sensitive information is secure.

We’ve designed our program to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, making the transition simple. The program includes a complete application programming interface (API) toolkit with web service APIs and sample codes, allowing your IT department to fully integrate the program according to your current structure.

ReplixFax’s user-friendly interface makes the program manageable for employees of all skill levels. The straightforward process requires very little training, and users can easily send a fax with a recipient’s email. ReplixFax also supports various tools, including:

On top of supporting multiple tools, ReplixFax makes it easy to store and maintain critical documents. The system allows for electronic filing, barcode faxing, printing, metadata faxing, and reporting capabilities to ensure you always know where your documents are.

At Softlinx, we understand how crucial privacy is in the insurance sector. ReplixFax complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and many other industry regulations. We’ve also integrated a multilevel security system with high-level encryption for the safest possible transmission and communication.

Among the many benefits of ReplixFax, you also gain unwavering support from our team. If you need assistance with setup, training, or troubleshooting, we offer 24/7 problem resolution with our service package. We can reduce your downtime and ensure your cloud fax service runs at optimal levels throughout the day.

Stay Competitive With Softlinx Solutions

With ReplixFax secure faxing services for insurance companies, insurance professionals have the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently. They can send and receive faxes quickly, with the help of automatic processing functions and workflow integration methods. Our secure online faxing system offers solutions to the problems that plague many insurance groups. If you need to cut costs and improve the efficiency of your operations, cloud faxing and Softlinx can help. Our state-of-the-art secure fax document delivery can keep you compliant and your clients safe, while our flexible and easy-to-use interface makes faxing as simple as sending an email. You can get rid of that slow fax machine and spend time focusing on insurance. We can help you streamline your entire system for a more efficient, cost-effective method of faxing. After setup, we also offer 24/7 support, ready to step in and help at any time.

Learn more about ReplixFax by Softlinx and how secure fax services can help your insurance business. Contact us today to see a live demo by calling (800) 899-7724, emailing our sales team at or by filling out our online form.