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See How Softlinx’ Solutions are Helping Various Industry Organizations

Many Fortune 1000 companies rely on Softlinx for their secure document delivery solutions.  With its award-winning Replix® Fax Server and Secure Document Delivery Services, Softlinx has been helping customers maximize their document process efficiency and meet regulatory compliance.

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A Major Healthcare EHR Software Company

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A major healthcare EHR software company needed a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service partner to fax-enable their EHR application so that their clients, healthcare providers, could electronically send and receive fax documents from within the EHR application. Softlinx’s HIPAA-compliant Cloud Fax Service, ReplixFax Cloud provided a comprehensive Fax API to fax-enable the customer’s EHR application. Now the customer is offering seamlessly integrated fax service to their healthcare provider clients, who can electronically send and receive patient charts, testing lab reports or patient referrals all directly from within their EHR application. By outsourcing their faxing service, our customers benefits from not only savings of their IT staff resource and time, but also additional revenue stream from an attractive reseller partner arrangement.