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Softlinx delivers a secure government faxing solution for applications across national, regional, and municipal agencies.

Government Organizations

Throughout daily operations, government organizations send and receive documents with sensitive data from both internal and external sources. The government often relies upon faxing services for various operational needs, and having a secure and efficient way to process documentation is critical. To fax government documents with optimal efficiency, cloud faxing solutions can automate processes, reduce operational costs, and streamline overall workflow.

Replix® from Softlinx delivers a secure government faxing solution for applications across national, regional, and municipal agencies. The system seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, reduces paper use, and decreases labor costs with optimized automation. The cloud-based system is highly secure, delivering the optimal confidentiality required for government applications.

The Importance of Secure Government Faxing

Having a secure way to transmit information is critical for sensitive data shared internally and externally in government organizations. Because faxing sends information directly from the sender to the recipient, it continues to be one of the most secure and convenient methods for sending confidential information. Government contractors and employees need secure faxing to protect critical data, and they also require a system that allows them to process documents as quickly as possible.

As crucial documents go out and come in through government offices, having an efficient system to manage them is essential for the timely processing of what may be highly time-sensitive information. With options for automation through the cloud, personnel can streamline their entire workflow and ensure vital data is processed promptly.

Benefits of Cloud Faxing for Government Documents

Transitioning from traditional fax systems to cloud faxing can offer several key advantages for government applications, such as:

Optimized productivity

Using an online fax solution that relies on digital documents allows government agencies to significantly reduce material expenses, and automating processes decreases labor costs.

Secure processing

To ensure strict compliance with confidentiality requirements, the Softlinx cloud faxing solution is hosted by a SOC-2 SSAE-16 audited data center, uses an AES 256-bit encryption system, and secures communication links with HTTPS and TLS.

How Softlinx Can Help

With the Replix® secure fax service from Softlinx, international and domestic government offices can leverage a full-service faxing and document processing solution for their operations.

The Softlinx system can process a wide range of materials, including:

Currently used by New York state agencies, Softlinx’s faxing system is available via GSA to facilitate compliant, efficient processing of critical documents. Its design allows seamless integration with your current systems and comes with a complete suite of API toolkits. Intuitive capabilities such as email to fax, web fax, print to fax, and MFP tools deliver straightforward features for users.

The Softlinx solution can deliver on a wide range of capabilities, including:

Streamline Operational Workflow With Softlinx

Softlinx offers a world-class team and 24/7 support to address your setup, training, and or troubleshooting needs. We prioritize consistent, prompt service for rapid problem resolution and maximized uptime. For more information on our services, request a free quote from us today.