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How to Automate Your Faxes

Legacy systems and the security of faxing mean that faxes remain critical for many business document workflows. Market research shows that faxes continue to be frequently used in business communication — and that the fax market is likely to continue growing over the next few years. Businesses that are expecting to handle an increased volume of faxes may […]

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Why Businesses Use FOIP Solutions

Any business that deals heavily with communication and information transfers knows the importance of having a secure, reliable system. Technology for companies is always expanding, growing and improving, and it has become essential to keep up with the latest trends. Staying up to date means more streamlined operations for your employees and better security for […]

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How Do You Fax Over the Cloud

Though many may believe that faxes are dying out, the truth is that they are evolving. Cloud faxing falls under many different names, including virtual faxing, online faxing and web faxing. More and more businesses are turning to cloud solutions for storage and communication, and faxing is no exception. According to a 2017 survey from the International Data Corporation […]

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Stop Using Manual or On-Premise Fax Servers: Switch to Cloud Fax

Cloud-based faxing solutions eliminate your dependence on paper-based manual faxing method, which is not only inefficient but also exposes your business to security and compliance risks, or an in-house fax server system, which requires internal IT resources for continued system maintenance and managing telecommunication lines. Yet it’s not only the glistening potential to communicate in a […]

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Softlinx Recognized as a Key Partner of Success: BirchStreet Systems

BirchStreet Systems offers companies Procure-to-Pay (P2P) cloud solutions to help improve business processes by gaining efficiency, compliance and visibility to reduce costs. With their best-of-breed solutions and strong value proposition as the leading provider of Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solutions for enterprises operating in the hospitality space, BirchStreet is poised to enter its next phase of expansion […]

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Cloud Faxing Best Practices for Financial Institutions

For anyone professionally associated with the finance industry, the question, “Is cloud faxing secure enough for financial institutions?” is an extremely valid one. Naturally, today’s business headlines seem to be constantly filled with one nightmare scenario after another of a major financial institution or a member of their C-suite falling prey to malicious activities from […]

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Myths About the Cloud Explained

With any major advancement in technology come several popular myths and misconceptions. For example, many people still believe the only way to judge a digital camera’s value is by how many megapixels it has. This myth results in many misled consumers purchasing a more expensive phone or camera simply based on a high pixel count. […]

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Key Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

The cloud — or cloud computing — is a hot topic that seems to be on every IT and business manager’s mind these days. Of course, even if you just use your smartphone to do some online banking or update your social media profile, you’re already making use of cloud computing’s many capabilities. At its most […]

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