The Digitization of Your Business Processes

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Today, more than 87% of the world’s senior business leaders are prioritizing business digitization. In fact, more than 65% fear failing to digitize their business processes will lead to a loss in their competitive edge, thus impacting their company profits. That’s why many organizations are working in earnest to expedite their plans for digitization.

Here are seven tactics they’re utilizing to accomplish their goals.

1. Set Digital Protocols

The core of what it takes to digitize your business is planning. It’s vital to consider how digitization will impact your business and its processes to prevent your company from launching a series of ineffective programs and protocols that lead to a negative response from customers and target audiences. As many companies are rushing to digitize, the market is becoming competitive quick. Your launch must exemplify your advantages, not your weaknesses.

Start the digitization of your business processes by considering how they interlink and interact with one another. If your organization focuses heavily on documentation, for example, how will you create, store, edit, transfer and finalize those documents? What programs will support your business digitization, and are they compatible with one another? Overall, your team should aim to establish a set of protocols that streamline your digitalization, improving the experience of clients and productivity of staff.

2. Provide Mobile Support

A critical component of how to digitize your business is mobile support. Today, more than 85% of Americans own smartphones, which emphasizes the necessity for a digitization plan that incorporates mobile support. If your employees, customers or target audience are unable to access your external or internal digitization features on their mobile devices, that will contribute to a negative impact on your company’s profits, growth and productivity.

If you’re collaborating with a third-party service provider to digitize your business, ensure their product provides mobile support for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices. It’s also essential to verify that their mobile experience offers an easy-to-use interface that delivers a seamless experience for all parties. In many cases, providers will supply a free trial or live demo, which gives your team the chance to assess each option.

3. Incorporate Cloud-Based Technologies to Digitize Your Business

The development of a business digitization plan often includes a few cloud-based technologies, such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program and Knowledge Management System (KMS). The purpose of both programs is to provide a centralized location for the expedited management of select information, such as leads, wikis and more.

Based on your company’s services, you may consider additional cloud-based technologies to complement your offerings to customers. If you’re an organization in the medical, financial or insurance field, for instance, you may require a secure and compliant service for delivering or faxing digital documents to clients. When comparing any provider, review their Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as well as their customer support quality and hours.

4. Establish Provider Partnerships

The expansion of your team and the inclusion of third-party service providers can make it seem like your company is increasing its cost. However, the digitization of business processes — especially those that are information-intensive — can lead to significant gains in profit. In fact, your company can reduce its expenses by 90 percent and expedite turnaround times, such as for the decision process for loan approvals.

Consider that return on investment as you choose your third-party service provider and build your in-house team, which may grow to accommodate your business digitization efforts. In some instances, the expansion of your in-house team may be temporary to achieve your internal deadline or provide essential support following the immediate launch of your digital landscape.

5. Target the End-to-End Customer Experience

The digitization of your business processes should include staff from a variety of teams, as you want to deliver an end-to-end customer experience. As a result, you’ll need to compile and establish a group to digitize your business processes. Build a productive team by selecting standout members from your departments with strong communication skills.

Depending on your existing talent, as well as digitization goals, you may need to hire additional employees with specific skill sets. Two potential roles to add include user-experience designers and data scientists, who can provide critical support and insight throughout the design and maintenance of your company’s digitization efforts and positively impact its success.

6. Reduce Potential Bottlenecks

For many companies, it’s a priority to complete business digitization. That’s why it’s critical to avoid and prevent potential bottlenecks, as well as emphasize that the digitization of your business processes cannot extend across years, like traditional IT-intensive programs. If your existing team is unable to meet the strict deadline set by your employer, consider requesting additional funds for hiring temporary employees.

In some cases, organizations will opt to integrate their legacy IT system. If that’s an option your company is pursuing, it will likely take longer than a year to digitize your business processes. One way to expedite this procedure is through low-cost offshore resources, which will let your team rekey data in your systems and build an IT interface in parallel while still providing consumers access to a beta version of your digitized offerings.

7. Review Customer Feedback

For all companies, it’s vital to evaluate responses from customers. As a result, it’s essential that your team assesses the reaction from users at every point of development, from alpha to beta to live. Their opinions will help your team discover where you need to make changes, find potential bugs and identify areas for improvement in the user experience.

Before implementing your digitized business processes, consider developing some technical resources and reference documents for employees and customers to answer common questions, solve common troubleshooting issues and direct support tickets to the appropriate contact. If you’re partnering with a third-party service provider, such as for document delivery, they’ll likely provide support, as well, which will ease your team’s workload.

Unlock the Power of Digitization with Softlinx

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In 1993, Hikyu Lee established Softlinx, a prominent provider of Internet fax messaging and electronic documentary delivery systems, catering to medium and large-sized businesses. Before initiating Softlinx, Dr. Lee held the roles of president and CEO at Samsung Software America, Inc., an affiliate of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. His earlier career includes significant management and leadership roles at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Bellcore. Dr. Lee's academic credentials include a Master's and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Princeton University, along with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University.

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