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Electronic Fax Services

Electronic Fax Service

Softlinx cloud-based, electronic faxing service allows users to send online faxes to selected recipients securely. This more reliable form of faxing helps keep you and your customers’ and patients’ data safe with high-level encryption and secure servers. If you’re interested in learning more about electronic fax services, be sure to request a LIVE DEMO.

How to Send and Receive an Electronic Fax

Softlinx makes secure online faxing simple. You can start sending and receiving e-faxes securely with anyone as long as you have an internet access and a valid email address using a simple process:

    • Outbound Faxes: Submit your outgoing faxes online directly from your business applications. The Softlinx fax APIs, email-to-fax capabilities, web portal and Windows print-to-fax client all allow you to send faxes directly from your existing software systems, integrating the system more smoothly into your online document Additionally, you can use a multi-function printer to scan and send a paper-based document over the Softlinx system.
    • Inbound Faxes: Your inbound faxes are processed in a similar way with encryption and secure transmission as your outbound faxes, just with different destinations. Your incoming faxes are delivered directly to your business applications via Softlinx fax APIs, your email inbox or predetermined network folders. You can also access them through the Softlinx web portal or Windows fax client.

Regardless of how they are sent or received, all these faxes are sent through the same encrypted Softlinx fax service, guaranteeing that your faxes are kept secure.

Key Features of Softlinx Electronic Fax Solutions

Softlinx electronic fax service is designed to handle scalable, secure, online cloud faxing needs with ease, offering a more secure electronic fax service for businesses of all sizes. As a fully hosted service, you can securely send and receive faxes from within your business applications, by email, from any desktop PCs or mobile devices.

Softlinx cloud fax service helps our customers increase productivity, meet regulatory compliance and save overall faxing expense. Some of the key functionalities that make this possible include:

      • Secure, Reliable and Compliant: Softlinx cloud fax service delivers the most sensitive healthcare or financial information reliably and safely meeting compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS for security-conscious organizations in healthcare and financial service industries. The service is hosted in a SSAE-16 audited secure data center and AES-256 bit and TLS/SSL encryption ensures your information is kept secure while at rest in the cloud, or in transmission.
      • Developer Portal with Comprehensive Fax APIs and Toolkits: Softlinx cloud fax service offers comprehensive fax integration capabilities to enable your healthcare applications such as EHR or RIS, and enterprise systems such as ERP or CRM with secure and reliable cloud faxing. Besides SOAP and Restful APIs we also offer SMTP integration and out-of-the-box faxing automation utilities for folder-based outbound faxing, electronic filing of sent and received faxes and fax metadata delivery for document workflow automation.
      • Easy to Use Faxing Methods: Business users can use one of many faxing utilities, including Email-to-Fax, Print-to-Fax, Web Fax and paper-based MFP systems, to easily send e-faxes securely using their existing email, desktop or mobile devices. Convenient user features include automatic retries, delayed send scheduling, resending from failed page, broadcast faxing and custom cover pages. Users get updates about sent and received faxes through the status notification system, which sends updates to your email address along with a copy of the fax.
      • Keep Your Existing Fax Number with Flexible Service Plans: Customers can keep their existing fax numbers by porting them to our service with minimum delay. Softlinx cloud fax service provisions any local or toll-free fax DID number. We offer both monthly and annual subscription plans with flexible service plans that fit to your needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Cloud Faxing

Softlinx provides the best electronic fax service available in the market today for your budget. Businesses that have signed up with our one-of-a-kind cloud faxing service have experienced:

      • No Need for On-Premise Fax Servers: Legacy fax servers are no longer required eliminating any upfront and ongoing costs to purchase, install and upkeep an in-house system. You may also consolidate all fax users across different locations and departments of your organization into a consolidated service deployment.
      • High Production Scalability and Reliability: You are no longer limited by the finite capacity of your manual fax machines or on-premise legacy fax servers, which means fast delivery or no more busy signal for your customers and partners. With multiple carrier networks and high availability system configuration, service availability is maximized and guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement.
      • Maximum Compliance: Our service is compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS and other industry standards with stringent encryption and secure transmission Our data center is SSAE-16 audited hosting facility and meets the standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to ensure your data’s ongoing security.
      • Cost Savings with Usage based Subscription: Once you sign up with our service, there will be no upfront capital expenses for an on-premise fax system or devices, or recurring telco fax line charges. Between the consolidated resources, automated processes and integrated workflows, your business can increase productivity while simultaneously cutting as much as 90% of your faxing expenses when considering internal staff time savings.

Learn more about how Softlinx’ cloud based, electronic fax service can help your organization. Contact us at 1-800-899-7724, or fill out our form for a Live Demo.


For more information, visit Softlinx’ ReplixFax Cloud Service website.

Why Softlinx Cloud Fax Service?

Application Faxing Made Easy

Softlinx’ secure e-fax solution offers full-featured Web Service Fax APIs with sample code. This helps to support you and your organization to more quickly fax-enable your business applications.

Secure, Reliable & Compliant

Softlinx’ online secure fax solution is both HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant, using extensive data encryption to ensure your fax communication. The Softlinx secure fax service data center is also audited by AICPA with SSAE-16 SOC reports to guarantee safety and regulatory compliance.

Easy to Use End-User Fax Tools

Softlinx offers a full set of user-friendly faxing tools, supporting all your business’ online faxing needs. These include Email to Fax, Print to Fax, Web Fax and MFP support, so you can send secure faxes online no matter what your preferred method is.

Fax Document Workflow

Electronic filing, printing, metadata passing and barcode fax workflow help to streamline your secure network

fax processes.


100% Business Faxing Focus

Softlinx’ service features are exclusively designed for business faxing users who need reliability, performance and flexibility.


Service Level and Support

We provide first-class support from our 24×7 support team. Softlinx guarantees the best, with a service level agreement (SLA) for prompt problem resolution.


Learn more about how Softlinx can help, contact us at 1-800-899-7724, or fill out our form to Get a Quote.