How to Send and Receive Online Faxes

With the advent of online faxing, sending and receiving faxes has become faster, more convenient, and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re a business professional or someone who occasionally sends a fax, online faxing can make your life easier. In this post, we will guide you through the process of learning how you can send and receive online faxes.

Sending Online Faxes

Depending on your business needs, you’ll set up one or more cloud fax user accounts.

Once you’ve created your online faxing account, you can send a fax following these steps:

Select your preferred faxing method: As a sender, you can send a fax by choosing any of the Softlinx supported outbound faxing methods that include Email-to-Fax, Web Portal, Windows Print-to-Fax or MFP faxing. Each of these methods offer an easy to use, intuitive interface that makes online faxing a no-brainer.

Entering recipient fax numbers: The first step to send a fax is to enter recipient information. At minimum you need to enter the recipient’s fax number. We support single fax number entry as well as group list from our fax phone book. In addition, broadcast and mail merge faxing are supported for you to send a fax to multiple recipients.

Selecting a fax cover page: You may select a fax cover page of your choice, if needed. We provide a fax cover page editor so that you may easily customize your fax cover page online.

Attaching or uploading fax files: The next step before you submit a fax job is to attach or upload fax files. To send a large fax that exceeds typical maximum file attachment size of your email system, use our web fax portal. This will allow you to send very large faxes.

Before you submit a fax job: Through our web fax portal, we support additional features such as delayed fax scheduling and status notification to alternate email address. Once you are ready, just click send to submit a secure fax request. It is that easy!

How to Receive Online Faxes Using Softlinx

Receiving a fax online from another automated fax service or traditional fax machine follows these steps:

Receiving your fax from a sender: To receive online faxes to your Softlinx cloud fax user account, you need a fax number assigned to your account first. Once your fax is received from a sender, it is converted to pdf file format. It is then kept encrypted in the system while at rest in the cloud.

Delivering a received fax: Once we receive an incoming fax, it is then delivered securely to your email inbox. Alternatively, we can also deliver it electronically to your shared network folder or a secure FTP location.

Opening the message: When you’re ready, you can open the email message with your incoming fax attached and ready to be viewed, shared and stored as any secure file would be.

Softlinx Online Cloud Faxing

With Softlinx’ Cloud Fax Service, you can send faxes directly from your business applications, via email or using the Softlinx web portals. Speak with our experts today!

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