Going Green with a Certified HIPAA Fax Service

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The technology used in a fax machine has remained largely unchanged since its invention in the 1960’s. So why do businesses still use fax machines? They offer several advantages like security and a universal acceptance. However, there are quite a few downsides to the traditional fax. A fax machine uses lots of paper which is bad for the environment. Not only that, but faxes are not always as secure as they should be.

Thankfully, cloud faxing offers a great solution to all of the problems associated with a traditional fax machine. Less paper, less expense and an adherence to HIPAA fax service guideline. All of these are good reasons to throw out the fax machine and join the 21st century. This is especially true if you work in the healthcare industry.

HIPAA Fax Services for a Green Office

One of the greatest advantages of using cloud faxing is that you’ll always know that your documents will be in an HIPAA fax-compliant format. You won’t have to worry about security or people intercepting anything you send. This can be invaluable for any individual, business or corporation that needs to send documents securely.

When you send a cloud fax, it’s automatically delivered to a person’s inbox. This has the added benefit of nobody being able to intercept the physical fax as it comes out of the machine. An outsourced cloud fax service will allow you to keep track of your monthly expenses as well. When you use a fax machine, you have to keep track of the costs of paper, ink, the phone line, machine repair, and the cost of new machines. When you switch over to a cloud faxing service, you’ll be able to send HIPAA faxes without all those annoying expense reports to deal with.

Go Green in Your Healthcare Organization

If you work in the medical field, should all of your healthcare-related faxes be HIPAA certified? The answer is a resounding yes! Patient security is a crucial part of transmitting any sensitive information between two places. Again, you can see the benefit of using a cloud faxing service. With all healthcare faxes delivered straight to a doctor’s inbox, it makes it less likely that they will fall into the wrong hands.

When it comes to sending healthcare faxes, it’s not just doctors that can benefit from this technology either. Cloud faxing is a popular choice for pharmacies, home hospice companies and medical billing agencies. Because the technology is backwards compatible with a traditional fax, it’s an easy technology to embrace in the workplace.

Going Green in Your Office

From an environmental standpoint, cloud faxing is one of the biggest positive changes you can make in your office. You might already know this, but producing paper is actually one of the worst industrial processes for the environment. The production process requires a massive amount of trees, electricity and water. Not only that, but paper production ranks fourth as the worst industrial polluter.

In the US alone, fax machines use an astounding 200 billion sheets of paper every year. That’s an astronomical number that is really inexcusable. With the advantages offered by a HIPAA fax service there is no reason to continue sending so many physical faxes. In fact, if only 5% of corporations stopped sending manual faxes, we could save more than 1 million trees a year!

Cutting down on paper usage should be a priority because globally only about 10% of trees are responsibly sourced. That means that 90% of the trees used to make paper can potentially be harvested in a non-renewable manner. Considering that the average fax machine uses 5,000 sheets of paper annually, this is a huge blow to the environment.

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Cloud faxing offers a good solution to a number of different problems associated with the traditional fax machine. It’s HIPAA compliant, it’s more secure, and no paper is wasted. Join the growing list of businesses that have thrown out their fax machines, and replaced it with something better. Schedule a demo of our HIPAA fax service today.

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