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Healthcare Document Security and Cloud Fax Service

The healthcare industry is one of the few industries where office workers still heavily depend on the use of faxes, even as the rest of society moves into a paperless existence. The compromise for any office looking to remain HIPAA compliant while moving themselves forward into the 21st century is cloud-based fax services.

Security in the cloud is of the utmost importance. The sensitive information that moves between parties on healthcare-related faxes is protected by law in many cases, bringing down a great deal of responsibility on the medical office that sends the correspondence, regardless of the efficiency or security of the service that is used for transport. If you are a medical office looking to remain free of legal woes while remaining in compliance with regulations, you need a cloud fax service that is on the cutting edge of ensuring security and compliance for your document delivery.


What does having cutting-edge security in the cloud mean?

Cloud security starts with transparency. The company that you trust should keep up with the records of all data and transport to ensure security. A completely secure environment keeps up with all workstations, firewalls and servers that have anything to do with the movement of a fax document from one party to another. All data while “at rest” should be properly kept encrypted and transported over a secure, encrypted communication link.

Another aspect of cloud security has to do with being able to provision scalable processing capacity by automating the configuration process. Once you have found a configuration that is as safe as it can be, this configuration should be easily duplicated and expanded as many times as you need it to process your documents on any scale.


Is there a company that gives me all of these security features?

If you are a CTO, you should be looking for a company with the security features mentioned above as a minimum. The dedicated experts at Softlinx have created a cloud fax service security program that gives you everything here and more when it comes to the security of your sensitive documents. The healthcare industry continues to be one of the most highly scrutinized industries both privately and publicly, and with good reason. You need a cloud fax service that matches your standard for quality and protects your business as well.

When you are ready for 21st century levels of security and the most effective cloud fax service in the industry, give one of the customer service representatives at Softlinx a call. You can depend on the reputation of Softlinx, a company with years of experience in the cloud and a detailed knowledge of what it takes to secure protected health information records in the medical industry. You have the security that you need waiting for you at Softlinx – all that we really need to get started with your next level service is your permission.

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