ReplixFax Server Overview

Comprehensive Features and Flexible Integration Toolkits for Business Faxing

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Softlinx’s ReplixFax server runs on Microsoft Windows with comprehensive fax APIs for integrating fax into any business application. ReplixFax supports advanced server features such as fax server virtualization and fax server clustering for improved server utilization and higher availability, and server-based native file conversion to support fax file conversion of a broad range of document types including PDF, Microsoft Office, ASCII text, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG, Postscript, and HTML files.

ReplixFax for Windows

Windows fax server is optimized for the Microsoft Windows environment. It is the most common choice among enterprise fax customers to serve their corporate fax communications needs.


ReplixFax offers a variety of easy-to-use, end-user faxing utilities to choose from to meet customers’ needs for enterprise-wide deployment of email-to-fax, print-to-fax, MFP fax, web and mobile faxing capabilities.

Email to Fax
  1. Microsoft Exchange Mail with Active Directory integration and Outlook Add-in
  2. Any SMTP email via ReplixFax Email-to-Fax Gateway, which is a standard ReplixFax component.

ReplixFax provides an automated faxing feature to allow you to electronically submit fax jobs from designated network folders using the ReplixFax Fax Loader utility, which polls network folders to read control files with fax parameters such as the fax number and documents to fax.

ReplixFax offers an intuitive, web-based system administration portal to centrally control fax server configuration options and user preferences, set up Intelligent Modem Gateways (IMGs) for telco network connection, manage users, and monitor fax activities.

ReplixFax allows you to receive your faxes as an email attachment in PDF or TIF or as a document URL in your email inbox.

Print to Fax

ReplixFax Print2Fax driver allows you to fax as easily as printing a document. The Print2Fax driver installs as a Windows client application and appears as a Windows printer. By selecting a ReplixFax Print2Fax printer, your document will be converted to a fax file and will launch the Print2Fax client application, which allows you to do the following.

  1. Enter a recipient fax number and click the Send button to submit a fax job.
  2. Select a cover page, attach additional documents, or schedule to send the fax at a later time.
  3. Monitor fax status, search, and view your faxes.
  4. Route received faxes to other users with your comments.

For multi-function printer (MFP) devices with Scan-to-Email capabilities, ReplixFax users can simply scan their paper documents and submit a fax job using ReplixFax email-to-fax capabilities. ReplixFax also allows passing fax options and metadata such as recipient and sender information or cover page selection.

You may have ReplixFax electronically deliver your incoming faxes into network folders or printers of your choice.

Fax API And Integration

ReplixFax offers Fax API with comprehensive features, ready-to-use faxing utilities for outbound fax automation, inbound fax delivery management, barcode fax document workflow automation, and healthcare fax integrations.

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Web Service Fax API Toolkit

You can embed fax into your application for fast deployment by leveraging ReplixFax Web Service Fax APIs, sample code, tutorials, and our dedicated technical support. ReplixFax API is available in both SOAP-based and REST APIs, and supports the following functions:

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Barcode Fax & Triage Workflow

ReplixFax is integrated with a barcode recognition engine and a web-based barcode triage application. You can automate fax document workflow by electronically routing incoming faxes based on the recognized barcode value into your business applications such as reimbursement claims or applications form processing. In case of any missing barcode value, an intuitive web-based triage application allows you to correct errors with minimal effort.

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Healthcare Fax Integration

ReplixFax for Healthcare allows submission of output from any healthcare application or HIS platform to be converted and faxed to intended recipients using Softlinx’s secure fax technology supporting HIPAA compliance. In addition, ReplixFax is integrated with many healthcare applications dealing with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Lab Information Systems ( LIS), and other healthcare applications.

Telco Network

ReplixFax servers can run over traditional PSTN or IP network such as Fax over IP (FoIP), and offer advanced capabilities to support high availability, performance and improved server utilization via using Fax Server Virtualization and Fax Server Clustering.

Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Modem Cards

The following Dialogic Brooktrout products are supported:

Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Modem Cards

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