Is Your Cloud Fax Vendor Reliable?

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Today, companies continue to switch to cloud faxing. They’re realizing the benefits that the cloud fax has to offer, and they’re taking advantage of them. It’s an especially easy technology to adopt as it’s backwards compatible with a regular fax sent from a traditional fax machine. That means you can get rid of the clumsy machines without having to convince your clients and business partners to do the same. However, before you make the choice to switch over to a cloud fax vendor, you should ask yourself this question: are they going to be able to provide me with the degree of reliability that your business needs?

Cloud Faxing is Changing a Lot Now

With the advent of internet fax services, it’s now much quicker and easier to send a fax. Whether it’s a regular business fax or a HIPAA fax for the healthcare industry. Either way, you can now send it using nothing more than your desktop computer, notebook, or you’re your tablet or smartphone. You no longer have to worry about waiting in line at the fax machine or dealing with paper jams or a lack of printer ink. This has made business easier and it’s one of the reasons why so many industries are embracing outsourced cloud fax services.

You Should Watch out for Too Good to be True Services

While these may be major advantages of using cloud based faxing, they don’t solve every problem you may run into. That’s because some less than reputable email fax services may be just as unreliable as that five year old fax machine you have in the break room next to a coffee maker. If you find an outsourced fax service online that makes claims that are too good to be true, they almost definitely are. You should be especially wary if you regularly send healthcare faxes, as these faxes need to be sent and received with the utmost amount of security possible.

You Get What you Pay For

Just like with anything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to an internet fax service. It’s very difficult to quote a single decent price, because the cost can vary so much based on your company size, how many faxes you send a month, and so forth. But by getting quotes from several different reputable companies you should be able to figure out what a fair price is to pay. After you have that number in mind, if you find a company that offers you an email fax service for half the price, your best bet is to completely ignore them. They will likely cause more problems than they will ever solve.

Talk to Previous Vendors

Before hiring a cloud faxing solutions service, one of the final steps you can take is talking to their previous clients. If the firm you’re considering to hire is actually reputable, they should be able to easily give you several past clients as references. If these clients attest that the firm’s service in question is really reliable, then it’s probably a good bet that you’ll be safe hiring them to meet your cloud based faxing needs.

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