Why Your Business Should Move to a Cloud Fax Solution

Are you still relying on outdated fax machines for your business communications? It’s time to embrace the future of faxing with a cloud-based solution. Say goodbye to paper jams, lost faxes, and the need for physical storage. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of cloud fax solutions and learn why businesses worldwide are making the switch. Read on to learn more.

Reason 1 – Cloud Faxing is More Secure

Picture this scenario. You receive an important medical document at your office. As soon as you realize that it’s been received, you rush to the fax machine, only to find out that it’s not there. What do you do? Have the other end resend it, lie and say you didn’t get it? Or admit that someone in your corporation has pilfered the document?

None of these situations are any good, and they’re are avoidable if you had used cloud faxing. With cloud faxing for business, the fax is sent directly to your inbox and nobody can see it but you. Forget about having it stolen at the communal fax machine, that’s a thing of the past.

Reason 2 – Cloud Faxing is Less Expensive

There are so many expenses associated with traditional manual faxing or on-premise fax server. These include the upfront cost of the fax machine or fax server purchase, and then the upkeep including monthly fax phone line costs and server maintenance as well. This can end up being very expensive. Add on the cost of the paper and ink, and you’re looking at a hefty monthly expense.

Compare that to an affordable cloud fax. This awesome service is entirely digital, and it has none of the traditional costs associated with regular faxing or fax servers. Forget about the paper, the ink, the repairman and the phone bill, or managing an on-premise fax server and fax modems. Instead, pay a single, easy to keep track of bill every month. This is easier on your accounting department and it also ends up being a lower monthly expense.

Reason 3 – Cloud Fax is HIPAA Compliant

When you are in the healthcare industry, it is absolutely instrumental that everything you send is secure and meets certain guidelines. Traditionally, faxes have filled this role. However, there is a new player in the game.

Cloud faxing is HIPAA compliant, securely handling transmission and encrypting fax information while kept in the cloud. In many cases it may actually be a better solution. That’s because only one person receives the fax, whether that’s a doctor or a trusted secretary. If a fax is received at a common area fax machine, it can potentially be read by anyone. This can be a large breach of client security. Use cloud faxing to ensure that only the people who you want to end up seeing the faxes see it

Reason 4 – More Efficient Employees

Forget about gathering around the faxing machine waiting for paper to come out. Forget about jammed machines and trying to fix them. Forget about some 30 page corporate memo coming through that is going to block up the machine for ten minutes. All of that, it’s in the past.

Now every email (cloud fax) comes directly to an employee’s inbox or electronically delivered into network file folders. That means they get it instantly without ever having to leave the cubicle. This saves a great deal of time and hassle, and can go a great way towards increasing employee productivity.

Reason 5 – Simplified IT and Billing

A Cloud fax requires no on-premise IT equipment or software as well as telecommunication resources. All you need is an Internet connection. Every month your cloud faxing bill is exactly the same (depending on your plan) which makes billing so much easier.

That makes it so much easier for the budget department to figure out how much they are spending and how much they now need to allocate every month. You’ll also never have to worry about buying new machines, as with cloud faxing there are no physical parts that may break down.

Reason 6 – Access from Anywhere

With traditional faxing you actually have to be in the building to receive the fax. With cloud based faxing, you can actually receive the fax from anywhere in the world. This is a huge convenience for anyone who travels a lot, or who is not frequently in the office. Not only can you receive faxes on your mobile phone, you can also send faxes with your phone with the click of a button!

Reason 7 – Application Faxing Support

When you use cloud faxing, you can fax-enable your application with cloud faxing APIs. Once your developers incorporate the cloud fax technology into your business apps, the resulting benefits could be huge for productivity boost, especially in a large corporate environment.

Contact Softlinx for the Best Cloud Fax Solution

Clearly, with all of the awesome benefits offered by cloud faxing, it’s time for your business to move to the cloud! The transition is seamless and everyone in your corporation will be happy with the change! Contact Softlinx to find out how you can start cloud faxing today!

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