Cloud Faxing vs Traditional Fax

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Faxing is widely embraced by people all around the world. It’s a recognized standard that is a common way to send sensitive files. Furthermore, almost every major corporation has some kind of fax machine or on-premise fax server in their building. The files are scanned, sent through a phone line, decoded by a fax machine on the other end, then printed out.The technology is dependable, secure, and it’s a great way to simplify faxing. The government cannot intercept messages that are sent through a fax line. Furthermore, faxing is HIPAA compliant, which means that it’s ideal for sending faxes between clinics, doctors’ offices, and insurance agencies throughout the United States and the world. However, the technology has been around for a long time, and there are better alternatives available now.

The Downside of the Using a Fax Machine

There are a couple of different problems when it comes to using fax machines. First off, they use lots of paper. A little-known fact is that paper production is one of the worst in the world when it comes to polluting our environment. Not only that, but paper is also expensive and it’s not as easy to recycle as many people think.

Another problem is that while sending the fax itself is secure, at the printer anyone can pick it up and read it. This makes for a big security risk, especially for sensitive documents. This is bad in itself, but imagine an even worse situation where somebody tampers with a fax before giving it to you. That would be a catastrophe!

Finally, you always have to be paying for the upkeep of your fax machines, buying new printer ink, and paying for the repairman. All of these expenses add up and end up being a huge blow to your monthly budget. One of the problems with these expenses is that you can’t calculate them either. For example, will the machine break down this month and you’ll have to pay the repairman $200? Trying to plan for these expenses in your quarterly reports is very difficult and often inaccurate.

The Solution Cloud Faxing Offers

Cloud fax is great because it takes care of all of these traditional problems. You won’t have to pay for paper or ink anymore. Furthermore, all of your faxes will be sent securely to a person’s inbox, which means that you’ll never have to worry about a fax getting intercepted by a person who you don’t want to see it. The faxes are sent, encrypted, and then when they reach the receiver’s inbox they are decoded into a message that can be read.

Furthermore, cloud faxing is 100% HIPAA compliant. You can maintain security compliance between hospitals, healthcare agency, and pharmacies without ever having to worry about client security. This’s good news for anyone in the healthcare industry who cares about the sensitive information that they need to send.

You’ll also see a big reduction in costs associated with your faxing. With cloud faxing, you’ll have one single monthly cost that will billed to you. You’ll no longer have to worry about keeping track of expenses like paper, repair bills, phone bills and other such costs that are associated with traditional faxing

Another great perk of cloud faxing is that a person can receive a fax directly to their email, which means that they can read it anywhere in the world. Furthermore, cloud faxing is 100% secure and you will never have to worry about a person reading a fax while it’s coming out of the machine. It’s also 100% backwards compatible with the current fax technology, which means that even if a client sends you a fax using a traditional fax machine, you’ll be able to read it using a cloud faxing service.

Some Things to Note about Cloud Faxing

One drawback of cloud faxing is that somebody could hack into your email and gain access to all of your faxes. They could do this without you even knowing, in which case they may be able to read your emails for a long time and you would have no idea. To combat this, experts urge you to frequently change the passwords on all your accounts, and make them non-sensical, using lots of numbers and characters. However cloud faxing can deliver your faxes directly into your application or network folders in a secure manner in lieu of delivery into email inbox as well.

The other disadvantage is that if the internet goes down, you may not be able to receive your faxes. This can be a major problem, especially if you are waiting for a major fax to come through. Thankfully, in most countries the internet is very dependable and this isn’t seen as a large problem.

Wrapping up the Story on Cloud Faxing

When it comes down to it, cloud faxing is a very reliable way to send and receive sensitive, HIPAA documents. Not only that, but it doesn’t require you to cut down any trees to support it. It’s truly a green way for different people in various industries to communicate with each other.
Finally, with cloud faxing it’s much easier to send a high volume of faxes. Imagine that you have to send 50 faxes, some of them being hundreds of pages. That would take forever with a traditional faxing. Now, with cloud faxing, you can send that all in a matter of minutes! You can use cloud faxing technology to improve your life and make your business run more smoothly. What are you waiting for? Contact ReplixFax today and find out how to start sending faxes without using the clunky machines, wasteful paper, and expensive ink.

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