Softlinx ReplixFax vs. RightFax

Which is the best HIPAA-compliant faxing solution for you?

Both ReplixFax and RightFax eliminate paper faxing, reduce printing-related costs, and make employees more productive.

However, the overall costs of system maintenance and support renewal for RightFax add up including some hidden costs.

Softlinx ReplixFax Includes

RightFax Hidden Costs

Benefits of HIPAA-Compliant ReplixFax

100% Cloud Fax

No expensive hardware or rack space. No expensive licensing.


Secure transport and encryption at rest to ensure protection of private data.


Integrate cloud fax using ReplixFax API and your platform/application.

Secure Fax API

SOAP or RESTful interfaces allow rapid implementation.



The ReplixFax Difference

No Expensive Licensing or Long-term Commitments

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100% Cloud Based Fax Platform

Security and HIPAA: Never Compromised

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Technology by Developers for Developers

Best in Class Customer Support

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Simplify Fax Management with ReplixFax

Get superior faxing quality for less than the cost of RightFax support renewal. Request a demo today.

Take advantage of our migration discount offer, and receive free one-time fax number provisioning, 20% off first year service, and 5 hours of migration assistance (if needed).