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IT Solution Providers and Resellers

IT Solution Providers and Resellers

Partner with us for immediate profit with no upfront investment

Our Value Proposition

  • You will have a private-branded, cloud fax and secure document delivery service to add to your existing solution portfolio.
  • Your other solutions, if applicable, can be “enabled” with comprehensive enterprise faxing features and secure online document delivery capabilities.
  • Your training time or tech support requirements will be minimal to sell the service and support your customers.
  • You will start to generate extra profits from day one.

How we are different

  • Partnership focus with first class service & support
  • Easy-to-use, end user utilities and automation tools
  • Full support of API integration for both fax and online document delivery
  • Easy to manage multiple client accounts and usage details via web administration portal
  • Private branding with your logos and brand identity
  • Competitive pricing schedule to maximize your profit

Become a Partner

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Become a Partner


Learn more about how Softlinx can help, contact us at 1-800-899-7724, or fill out our form to Get a Quote.