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Secure Cloud Faxing For Schools and Educational Institutions

Secure Cloud Faxing For Schools and Educational Institutions

During daily operations, schools regularly use faxing to address key requirements. Traditional fax systems require significant paperwork and labor as personnel process student data, manage human resources and work with faculty. Faxing is a highly secure process that is often an optimal fit for a school’s needs. To maximize efficiency, many schools are moving from a traditional system to education cloud faxing.


Why Do Schools Need Cloud Faxing?

Cloud faxing can significantly reduce costs for a school because it relies on digital documents and automated processes. Rather than using physical paper copies to process data, the system saves on those costs with its digital capabilities.

Softlinx cloud faxing can offer several key advantages for educational institutions:

  • Trusted security: The Replix system uses a SOC-2 SSAE-16 audited data center and high-level AES 256-bit encryption to provide enhanced security for your sensitive organizational data.
  • Cost-effectiveness: When schools switch to digital faxing, they no longer require fax hardware with maintenance needs or supply costs. The digital solution saves operational expenses on multiple levels while optimizing uptime.
  • Seamless operation: As all files can be conveniently incorporated into semi-automated systems, schools can reduce labor costs and processing times while delivering faxes more quickly. At the same time, the system also reduces the total communication files that administrators must manage.


Robust System Features for Schools

The Replix® cloud faxing solution can address needs for a wide range of educational institutions. As schools handle personal data and human resource management daily, having trusted tools to optimize processing is critical. With this solution, you can decrease downtime while managing data through a secure channel.

Leverage these robust features and capabilities:

  • Removes requirements for on-site faxing capabilities and operational expenses.
  • Decreases overhead costs such as toner, ink, software and hardware, optimizing resource use.
  • Allows faster communication lines to internal and external sources from the school and eliminates paper waste.
  • Protects all students’ personal identification information through trusted encryption and security measures built into the system.
  • Improves communication management and boosts processing efficiency across the institution.


How Can Softlinx Meet Your Requirements?

The Replix® system by Softlinx allows educational institutions of various sizes and backgrounds to get full-service faxing technology for their operations. Because it is designed for schools and universities with existing workflows, it can work with the processes already in place while optimizing efficiency.

From sample codes to web service APIs, the system provides API toolkits to meet your organization’s unique needs. It enables your developers to create a new, seamless solution integrated with your processes quickly and easily. To help schools handle high-volume data, the system accommodates seamless flexibility and integration.

The Softlinx solution can deliver on a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Email to fax.
  • Print to fax.
  • Web fax.
  • MFP tools.
  • Notification and reporting.
  • Electronic filing.
  • Printing.
  • Metadata passing and barcode fax workflows.
  • Fax tracking.


Streamline Your Workflow With Softlinx

When you partner with SoftLinx, your institution gains access to robust tools to fit its unique operational needs. Advanced technologies deliver the capabilities you need for faxing personal data and other critical information across your institution and between external sources. Contact us for a quote today.