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Secure Cloud Faxing For Schools and Educational Institutions

Secure Cloud Faxing For Schools and Educational Institutions

The Replix® cloud faxing solution from Softlinx is an excellent resource for educational institutions of all types. Often, these schools handle sensitive student data, human resources information and other figures in daily communications, all of which requires a secure channel.

Replix® helps by offering a secure online faxing solution for colleges that:

  • Eliminates the need for onsite faxing hardware and software, and minimizes the need for IT to be involved in the school’s faxing infrastructure
  • Significantly reduces overhead costs for hardware, software, toner and paper, as well as expenses associated with long-distance phone charges
  • Enables schools to send and receive faxes by email, eliminating paper waste and improving communication lines
  • Keeps detailed electronic records about sent and received faxes for auditing and security purposes
  • Securely protects students’ personally identifiable information

To learn more information about how educational institutions can benefit from cloud faxing from Softlinx, visit our website or contact our sales team.

Secure Online Faxing for Schools

Schools use faxing for numerous daily operations, from submitting and receiving student data to managing human resources. Depending on the size of the institution, this can mean lots of paperwork and labor for traditional fax systems. While these traditional fax systems do keep student and school data safe, it can severely slow down processes, negatively affecting response rates and workflows for the institution. Replix® secure fax services for universities can help

Softlinx’s secure fax services for universities help educators and school personnel manage documents more efficiently, with a system designed to work into existing workflows. Whether the institution is public or private, our cloud fax service can help with automated filing systems, digital solutions and secure communication lines, so your school can cut costs while maximizing productivity.

Why Softlinx Cloud Fax Services?

Replix® offers a cloud-based faxing service that can benefit educational institutions of all types with improved functionality and reduced costs. The system offers a complete solution, with key benefits and features including:

  • Integrative Capabilities: The Replix® system by Softlinx is designed for schools and universities with existing workflows. To meet schools’ demands for flexibility, the system was designed to integrate with existing systems. This is why the Replix® secure fax solution by Softlinx offers several API toolkits, including web service APIs and sample codes. With these tools, your developers and IT staff at your educational institution can integrate the Replix® system into your existing applications, allowing your personnel to use the system more quickly with minimal downtime.
  • User-Friendly Design: Replix® was intended to be a user-friendly system that anyone can start using. This is why the system is designed to integrate into existing workflows, so employees need minimal retraining in how the system works. Additionally, the Replix® system comes with multiple user-friendly faxing tools for a variety of formats, including email to fax, print to fax, web fax and MFP tools. With this functionality, users can easily start using the Replix® system regardless of the fax method they use.
  • Comprehensive Workflows: The Replix® system includes several tools and functions that are designed to help with documentation and security. These include electronic filing, printing, metadata passing, barcode faxing, tracking, notification and reporting capabilities. On top of serving security and documentation purposes, these functions can also be incorporated into workflows to more easily visualize fax history and track communications.
  • Cost-Saving Efficiency: Schools often need to balance budgets with productivity, which is why Replix® focuses on cutting costs while maximizing efficiency. The system does this primarily by helping educational organizations switch to digital faxes. By making this switch, educational institutions no longer need fax hardware, reducing any associated maintenance and equipment costs.These digital files are also easier to incorporate into semiautomated systems, reducing labor and facilitating faster fax delivery. By allowing these files to be delivered to email systems, the Replix® solution improves functionality even further by reducing the number of communication portals educational personnel must use.
  • Security and Support: Educational entities need to keep their systems constantly up and moving, while also protecting their student data. Softlinx helps with both by offering extensive security measures and support services for Replix® users. To the point of security, the Replix® system is protected from all angles by a SOC-2 SSAE-16 audited data center, high-level AES 256-bit encryption and transmission lines protected by HTTPS and TLS. These measures are amplified by Softlinx’ 99.9 percent uptime.If any issues in security or service do occur, the Softlinx support team is ready to help. Based in the U.S. and available 24/7, our world-class team can help with anything from setup to training to troubleshooting. We’ll keep your system running, no matter what.

Interested in learning more about how Replix® can help your educational organization improve fax security? Contact Softlinx today to speak with a sales rep or schedule a live demonstration by calling 1-800-899-7724, emailing or by filling out our online form.