ReplixFax for Epic

HIPAA compliant, secure cloud fax service for Epic users

Softlinx ReplixFax cloud fax service allows Epic users to send and receive faxes directly from Epic, and simplifies fax management. Epic users may submit a fax request to the ReplixFax cloud fax service via Epic Print Services (EPS). The status of sent faxes is sent from ReplixFax to Epic. Administrators have access to the ReplixFax web portal for detailed information about every fax job.

Incoming faxes are delivered to the Epic application using the ReplixFax Delivery Manager utility, which automatically downloads faxes to different network folders for a Document Management System (DMS), or sends to MFPs, all based on the incoming fax number. Alternatively, ReplixFax also supports secure FTP file drops into designated network folders, for Epic users to review and attach them into correct patient records.

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In addition...

ReplixFax web portal is available for both fax administrators and fax users to manage fax options, search sent and received faxes, and access detailed information about each fax job.

About Softlinx:

Softlinx’s ReplixFax is a HIPAA compliant, cloud fax service geared toward the healthcare industry. The system ensures the security of confidential patient information by implementing appropriate safeguards. ReplixFax even maintains logs of all faxes, inquiries, retrievals and deletions for auditing purposes. In short, ReplixFax makes all fax-related work simpler yet HIPAA compliant— the perfect combination for many healthcare providers and administrators.