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Enterprise Cloud Faxing Services

Enterprise Cloud Faxing Services

Corporate Enterprise Cloud Fax Service Solutions

Enterprise cloud fax solutions have numerous advantages over traditional methods of faxing documents using either manual fax machines or on-premise fax servers. Manual fax machines are inefficient, unreliable and may expose your business to regulatory compliance risks. On-premise fax servers require upfront capital investment to purchase the fax server, and recurring system maintenance costs and monthly fax telephone line charges, not to mention your IT staff’s time to manage the fax server and internal IT infrastructure.

Softlinx’ ReplixFax Enterprise Cloud Fax Service offers compelling benefits for any enterprise to move their business online faxing to the Cloud. By providing easy to use end-user faxing tools with no IT infrastructure to manage and integration toolkits to fax-enable any business application with secure and reliable online faxing, Softlinx Enterprise Cloud Fax Service makes faxing simple and trouble free for both business users and IT staff. Softlinx Enterprise Cloud Fax Service is hosted in a secure data center with SSAE-16 audited environment and fully supports HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant fax services for healthcare and financial service enterprises.

Key Features and Benefits of Softlinx ReplixFax Enterprise Cloud Fax Service

Simple, Easy to Use End User Faxing and Service Administration

  • Easy to use faxing methods using Email, Print to Fax or Web – Softlinx ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service offers a full suite of easy to use online faxing tools. You can send and receive faxes using your Email, ReplixFax Printer Driver from within any Windows application, or simply any Web interface on your PC or mobile devices. Softlinx Cloud Fax Service is easy to learn with simple and intuitive user interface so that you may start secure online faxing with no delay.
  • Self-service fax administration via Web portal with full privilege – Softlinx ReplixFax Cloud Fax Service offers a Web portal for you to conveniently manage all user related fax administration tasks while Softlinx takes care of all system related faxing administration tasks such as hosting online fax service platform and provisioning network carrier services. You have a full control of managing user accounts and departments, server option settings for retries and notifications, searching faxes by criteria, extensive reporting on fax usage, custom cover pages, and fax number request.
  • Manage high volume faxing easily with no delay or busy signal – With cloud fax solutions, documents can be sent in volumes with just a few simple clicks. Whether you wish to send a bunch of documents at once to a single recipient, a single document to hundreds of people or volumes of documents to a lengthy list of contacts, it can all be done with ease using Softlinx Cloud Fax. Similarly incoming faxes will not fail due to busy signal unlike manual fax or on-premise fax server with limited fax lines.

Powerful Application Faxing and Streamlined Fax Document Workflow Automation

  • Comprehensive cloud fax APIs for secure application faxing – Softlinx Enterprise Cloud Fax Service can be integrated into your existing business applications using rich set of Softlinx ReplixFax Cloud Fax APIs and out-of-the-box integration toolkits. Both SOAP and REST fax APIs are supported with sample code and tutorials to offer you maximum flexibility and features.
  • Out-of-the-box fax automation tools to integrate directly to your business document workflow – Softlinx Enterprise Cloud Fax Service offers folder-based, outbound faxing automation that allows you to submit fax jobs electronically from your business applications or pre-existing document server to Softlinx Cloud Fax Service without having to go through fax API integration efforts. You can also electronically file inbound or outbound faxes, pass fax metadata or print a hard copy of incoming fax, all using Softlinx Cloud Fax out-of-the-box tools.

Secure, Reliable and Compliant Fax Service You Can Depend On

  • HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant, secure fax service – Softlinx Enterprise Cloud Fax Service supports security and privacy standards dictated by industry and government regulations. When documents are sent and received through HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant Enterprise Cloud Fax Service, the information is kept entirely secure while at rest in the cloud and being in transmission. Hosted in a secure data center with SSAE-16 audit certification and utilizing AES-256 bit encryption, virus scanning and encrypted transmission, Softlinx Cloud Fax Service ensures private and confidential information is handled in a right manner. The documents will only go to the intended individual or group of recipients. You don’t have to worry about sensitive data leaking to unauthorized parties or being accessed by hackers.
  • Highest uptime and reliability compared to traditional faxing – With traditional faxing methods, the service availability are affected by many factors such as fax line problems, limited channel capacity or failure of fax device or fax server systems. Enterprise cloud fax service offers more reliable and higher degree of service availability owing to robust cloud hosting infrastructure, redundancy of network connectivity and capacity to ensure continued, hassle-free service availability. Softlinx Cloud Fax Service based on virtualized service platform and redundant network configuration offers minimum service disruption and unlimited scalability to provision extra processing capacity on demand and warrants 99.9 percent service availability and Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Multiple network carriers to maximize call completion success rate – Softlinx Enterprise Cloud Fax Service ensures highest call success rate by utilizing its network connections to multiple carriers. No single carrier network failure would bring down your cloud faxing jobs to deliver important and time sensitive business documents to your customers.

24×7 Customer Support and Real-time Performance Monitoring

  • S. based dedicated technical support to keep your business running – Softlinx Cloud Fax support team is U.S. based with extensive knowledge of electronic fax technology to provide 24×7 technical support via email, phone and Web conferencing. Carrying over 20 years of enterprise fax solution vendor heritage, Softlinx Cloud Fax solution is built on a proven vendor credentials with its customers around the globe.
  • Real-time service performance monitoring – Softlinx Cloud Fax support team monitors its cloud fax service performance in real-time to make sure that each and every component of the service infrastructure is working with no error. Instant notifications to Softlinx Cloud Fax support team upon any trouble detection leads to fast troubleshooting and prompt resolution of any fax issues to ensure maximum uptime and service availability.

Migration to Softlinx Cloud Fax Service is Easy with Minimal Efforts

  • Same day service provisioning – Softlinx Cloud Fax support team can set up your virtual cloud fax server on the same day so that your business may continue with no delay. Moving from manual fax machines or internal fax servers to Softlinx Cloud Fax Service has never been easier with minimal learning curve and training needs for your users.
  • Keep your existing fax number with no risk – Softlinx Cloud Fax Service can provide a new local or toll-free fax numbers, or port your fax number if you want to keep your existing number. Either way you can always take the number with you in any circumstance you decide to change to a different service vendor.
  • Affordable and flexible service plans to save your faxing costs – Softlinx Cloud Fax Service offers monthly or annual subscriptions with competitive, flexible volume faxing plans. When you use an online fax service, the overall costs could be far lower than what you’d have paid with a landline fax service. Contact Softlinx now to schedule a Live Demo or request a Quote.

Enterprise Cloud Fax Service – How It Works

Sending Faxes

Faxing has been a part of business communications for decades. Since the advent of the Internet and mobile technology, the streams through which faxes can now be sent have become less costly and far more efficient. Instead of paying huge monthly fees for sending bulk loads of faxes the old–fashioned way — where you would incur the costs of long–distance phone charges — faxes can now be sent via cloud–based services through your email account, as well as from several other sources.

Enterprise cloud fax services can be utilized in a number of ways. If you wish to send or receive faxes on your desktop, you can set parameters for send retries in case the recipient line is busy, use custom cover pages or notification preferences for successful or failed transmission. Incoming faxes can be delivered to multiple destinations as well, to your email inbox, file folders or you may have each document sent to your printer to retain a hard copy. The ways in which faxes can be sent and received via cloud technology include the following methods.

Corporate Enterprise Cloud Fax Service SolutionsSend Faxes to an Email Address

In everything from the health care and financial sector to factories and institutes of higher learning, email has largely usurped the landline when it comes to back–and–forth communications. Nonetheless, faxes are still an essential aspect of communication in business, especially when it comes to sending large amounts of private information or anything that requires a signature. Thankfully, the time–honored services of the fax machine have been integrated with today’s cyber technology in the form of email faxing.

The process of sending a fax by email is simple to master. If you know how to send an email, you’ll know how to email a fax to your contacts. With the fax number contained in the address, you send a message via email with attachments of the pages that you intend to have printed out on the recipient’s end. The cover page of the fax on their end will contain the header and message of your email, and the following pages will contain the content of the attachments that you’ve sent.

Print to Fax

In today’s digital environment, papers are often read in the form of documents, which can be viewed on computers, laptops and pads. Still, physical copies of certain documents remain an essential part of various transactions in the world of business. When you sign a contract, for instance, a physical copy will likely be required. Likewise, when documents are shared amongst a team of colleagues or to a room of speech attendees, physical copies of the documents in question are shared alongside digital versions. Some people simply prefer their documents the old–fashioned way.

When it comes to sending out a fax from your office, you no longer need a fax machine thanks to Windows, which can be used to fax documents with just a few extra clicks from your printing function. When you have a document that you need to send in physical form to someone across town, across the country or internationally, simply initiate the printer function on your end, then add the recipient’s fax number to convert the function into a fax prompt. The document will print out on their machine instead of yours.

Corporate Enterprise Cloud Fax Service SolutionsWeb Faxing Service

With the Internet, any information can be broadcast to the world for free. While it was once necessary to mail and fax documents to places far and wide to distribute information, the same process can now be conducted without the astronomical long–distance fees. However, there is some information that you don’t want to be seen by just anyone with access to the Internet. Likewise, some documents need to be received in physical form for legal purposes.

In a similar manner to the prompts that you would initiate to print out a hard copy of a web page or desktop document as viewed on your computer, you can have that same page or document printed out in someone else’s office through a cloud fax API. Through an online portal, you can enter the fax number of your intended recipient, select a cover page and upload the files that you wish to attach to the fax. The whole fax — cover page and attachment documents — will print out on their end.

Broadcast Faxing

One of the greatest improvements to online fax services is the ability to send faxes to multiple people at once. There could be any given number of reasons to broadcast a fax, such as when you’re conducting an online webinar and wish to fax out hard copies of the material covered in the speech. You might also wish to broadcast a fax when you coordinate a team effort with work colleagues from around town or across the country.

To initiate such a broadcast on a cloud fax API, you simply enter a group of recipients into an online interface, upload the documents and select the cover page that you intend to send to these people. When you press send, everyone in your recipients list will get printouts of the attached documents on their machines. This way, webinars can be much more like seminars, where papers and pamphlets are handed out to attendees. The only difference is that with broadcast faxing, you don’t have to fly in for physical appearances or foot the cost of paper printouts.

Automate Faxing Documents using Desktop or Network Folders

With many of today’s business applications, there is a need to fax each of application output documents such as lab test reports and account statements to its recipients. Manually handling these faxing jobs is laborious and error prone, while automating the process using fax APIs requires often time consuming API integration process.  Thankfully, the time–consuming process has since been solved by cloud fax solutions such as folder based faxing.

Using folder based faxing you may automate delivering application output documents via fax to each of its recipients without investing efforts to integrate fax APIs. Whether the documents in a folder goes to a one recipients or many different recipients, simple configuration of the cloud fax tool can manage total automation of the process.

Corporate Enterprise Cloud Fax Service SolutionsReceiving Faxes

A fax can be received in several different ways. If you would like to save paper and simply have them land on your computer in digital form, you can receive them as attachments via email or route them into designated folders. If you wish to receive paper copies of the fax documents, you can also have them sent directly through your printer.

Receive Faxes to Your Email Inbox, Desktop or Web

When you receive a fax from a colleague or contact through an online fax API, you’ll receive an email notification about the arrival of the documents. You can have the documents printed immediately, or you can opt to simply view the contents as PDF attachments or document URLs on your computer, laptop or pad. In any case, the email notification will contain all that you need to know about the origin of the fax, including the sender, the time of delivery and the number of pages that a printout of the documents will entail. The same fax document and related information can be accessed also using Windows Print to Fax client or Web fax portal.

Receive Inbound Faxes to Computer Folders or a Printer

For any organizations receiving many faxes on daily operation, it will be productive to electronically file incoming faxes such as customer purchase orders or patient health records. Online fax documents then can be easily routed into back office business applications using fax metadata or shared among coworkers. Manually handling such document workflow using paper will be time consuming, error prone and costly.

Using cloud fax solutions, you can electronically file incoming fax documents into desktop or shared network folders as they are received in an unattended manner for productivity and streamlined fax document workflow. You can also have some or all of the incoming fax documents sent straight to your printer for a hard copy if desired.

Process Barcode Faxes for Automated Claims Processing

When handling claims processing jobs, it often requires faxing in supporting documents along with claim number. Manual handling of these incoming faxes to recognize the claim number and delivering the online document into a claim application can be very time consuming and error prone causing delays and risking customer satisfaction.

Processing automated barcode recognition and online triage can make the overall process more reliable, efficient and less human errors.

Cloud Fax Solutions for Businesses from Softlinx

With online corporate fax solutions, the process of faxing documents can be consolidated across a company network. Whereas 25 years ago the faxing process might have involved long hours and lines at a fax machine, today handling sent and received faxes can be done with just a few simple clicks or totally unattended manner with efficiency and reliability.

At many health care service organizations, universities, IT firms and financial institutions, the security of documents is crucial. Enterprise Cloud Fax solutions can offer far more protection than old–fashioned faxing methods with unsurpassed reliability and immediate cost savings.

For more than two decades, Softlinx has been at the forefront of developing solutions for organizations across the healthcare and financial services industries. To learn how your business can benefit from Softlinx Enterprise Cloud Fax Services, contact us today.