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Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance Companies

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance Companies

For years, insurance companies have been doing the best with the messaging systems they know, but it’s time for a change. The traditional fax machines of the previous centuries — fax machines have been around since the mid-1800s — are, needless to say, becoming outdated. But that’s not to say faxes themselves are out of date. Faxing is respected as a secure and legal communications system, and many businesses still use it heavily. So how do you have faxes without the fax machines? Cloud faxing. Using your existing Internet connection to send faxes is an easy-to-use solution that gives you the benefits of a traditional fax machine without the traditional struggles.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance Companies

An insurance company deals with massive amounts of sensitive client information each day, and a lot of work goes into keeping this information safe. The documents they work with daily can include claim forms, approvals, denials and more. While many insurance agencies store these documents in paper format, they frequently need to exchange them between brokers, clients and other parties. To do this smoothly, the insurance companies turn to fax solutions with high processing power, security and reliability, like ReplixFax from Softlinx. With the cloud, they can have all of this, along with more efficient operations and lower costs.

Faxing Challenges for Insurance Companies

Every business has its challenges, and insurance companies are no exception. Like most businesses, insurance is an industry that frequently looks to reduce operational costs and become more efficient. According to Insurance Business America, some of the challenges that insurance companies face include strict rules and regulations, meeting rising customer expectations and using outdated systems. Outsourcing IT isn’t a new concept, but what about your methods of communications? You can address many of these problems by adopting a cloud faxing service.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesFirst and foremost, outsourcing your faxing can save money by offsetting the costs of hardware, software, maintenance and utilities, among other expenses associated with the service. Taking all of these on yourself can add a substantial amount to your operational costs, particularly capital expenses. Monthly costs are typically more manageable and predictable. You also gain the expertise of technicians trained in that service, where hiring the personnel in-house could be much more costly. Outsourcing can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, but especially small businesses that may not be able to afford large IT departments.

In terms of cloud faxing specifically, you can also eliminate the costs associated with a traditional fax machine. You won’t need to pay for paper, ink, toner, maintenance or a fax machine itself. Cloud faxing removes these expenses and operates from the Internet connection you likely already have.

As far as improving efficiencies goes, cloud faxing creates a much more modern, streamlined infrastructure. It substantially minimizes operational expenses for insurance agencies. ReplixFax, for instance, allows insurance businesses to switch entirely over to digital fax formats, reducing or eliminating the need for fax hardware, as well as the associated costs for paper, toner and maintenance. It eliminates the cumbersome process of sending a fax, the extra time it takes an employee to do so and the security issues that come with traditional faxes. The process is usually as simple as sending an email or accessing a web portal, allowing your employees to spend more time doing what’s important.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesThe way you fax can influence the other challenges we mentioned, as well.

  • Rules and regulations: If you use traditional faxing, you have to be well aware of your records and security procedures. Cloud fax services track and log your transmissions so you have a clear record of all of your faxes. More importantly, they help you deliver documents securely, so you can rest easy knowing they’ve gone to their intended recipient. Fax monitoring services can help here. This service gives you a clear view of how your company communicates and helps you to avoid legal or financial penalties for noncompliance.
  • Customer experiences: Fast and simple communications with your clients will help them have a better experience with your company. Errors, downtime and the time it takes to send a fax manually can all slow down an interaction. Cloud faxing makes these transactions smooth, preventing negative experiences and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Old systems: In a similar vein, if you have old, aging IT infrastructure, you’re probably not reaching peak efficiency. Cloud faxing doesn’t require any complicated or expensive hardware and is a more modern approach to communications. The streamlined process can integrate with old systems, run more quickly and fax to businesses that still use legacy machines. Outsourcing your faxing also provides frequently updated equipment and consistent, effective maintenance that may be costly to run on your own.

Other concerns include the sheer volume of faxes that some businesses have. This information has to be handled carefully every step of the way. Some businesses choose traditional faxing for its security and reliability, but a high volume of faxes can make the conventional method a laborious and challenging process. Cloud faxing is more efficient due to its flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness. The amount of time employees spend processing faxes on traditional machines can add up. With a quick and cooccurring process, they won’t have to wait through busy signals or shuffle stacks of papers around with a deadline to meet or a client waiting on the other end. You can also say goodbye to traffic jams at the office fax machine. Hundreds of employees in an enterprise can send a fax without interrupting each other.

Finally, security is another substantial component of faxing that can hold some companies back. These businesses might think that faxing is the only way to securely send their data in a way that clients and other organizations can accept. The truth is that there are better options out there. Reliable, legal communication is one reason that people have clung to traditional faxing, but cloud services maintain this status and are just as trustworthy as their predecessors. As an insurance company, you likely have to deal with regulatory compliance from several entities. Of particular concern is HIPAA, which aims to protect sensitive patient information in healthcare environments. Insurance companies often fall under this umbrella and need to comply with secure communications regulations. To do this, many team up with us at Softlinx for our high standards of security. Many in the healthcare industry use ReplixFax, attesting to its 100% HIPAA compliance. One way we do this is through our secure fax delivery system.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesSecure fax delivery is somewhat different than traditional fax. This type of transmission is a safer way to send highly sensitive documents between participants. We use a multilevel security system with AES 256-bit encryption to keep your data secure while it is at rest in the cloud, and all transmissions are over an encrypted link via HTTPS/SSL or TLS/SSL for internet or email based submissions of a fax job. Our data center is an SSAE-18 SOC-2 audited hosting facility with multiple data center locations throughout the U.S. that meets the standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for security, availability and compliance. That means we prioritize your sensitive data and know how to keep it protected. You can send any manner of vital documents with cloud fax services, including insurance claims, case reports, benefits claims, applications, processing documentation, adjustments, assessments and more. You get the peace of mind of knowing you are both compliant and keeping your clients safe.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesWhy Fax Over the Cloud?

We’ve mentioned some reasons to move to the cloud, but there are even more. Cloud faxing offers a wide variety of benefits to insurance agencies, including convenient and flexible use options, reduced risk and a competitive edge. Some businesses are hesitant to move to the cloud, but it marks a significant aspect in the future of technology. Many have already turned to the cloud for storage solutions, and more are adding faxing to their list of cloud services. Here are a few of the attributes that make cloud faxing such an attractive solution for a wide variety of businesses.

  • Convenience and ease of use: According to the International Data Center (IDC), the most cited reason for growth in fax volume was the ease and accessibility of an email-integrated system. A more convenient system provides a much less frustrating experience for employees and may make them more likely to use it. Faxing over the cloud is as easy as sending an email. With a variety of access options, including mobile devices, integrated application programming interface (API) programs, web and desktop clients and more, employees can send and access faxes from wherever they are with any device, as long as they have internet. This system is incredibly user-friendly, making it simple for employees to start using it and eliminating any extensive training costs.
  • A competitive edge: When you fax with the cloud, you can gain an edge over your competitors who are still using old, clunky fax machines because they think it is a necessity. In migrating to the cloud, you eliminate the need for these legacy machines and improve your operations across the board. A fast, accessible fax system allows you to respond to customers more quickly without compromising security. Clients appreciate quick, straightforward communication, especially when they need essential insurance information.
  • Updating to modern tech: The IDC also found that more than 90% of fax users had already integrated or are evaluating the integration of fax with other technologies and applications, like cloud services. More and more companies are turning to the cloud, and keeping up with the industry is vital to stay ahead. If you’re dealing with aging IT infrastructures, it may be time to consider a new way of faxing.
  • Reduce risk: Anyone who has used a traditional fax machine understands that several problems can occur. Your document may not make it into the right hands. Something printed to an office fax machine could be seen or scooped up by anyone walking by. With cloud faxing, you can be sure that the document goes directly to the intended recipient. Another issue comes in with failed faxes. If this occurs, some employees won’t notice, assuming their fax sent correctly. For a vital document, this could mean trouble for your company. With cloud faxing, you don’t have to deal with failed faxes, and you can easily track their statuses.
  • Scalability: Faxing via the cloud is a scalable option, making it perfect for growing companies or any sudden peaks in usage. You can add new users easily, and spikes in data volume won’t cause problems at the fax machine or in your infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: Another component of cloud faxing’s ease of use includes its flexibility. By moving to digital faxing, employees can send faxes from anywhere at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. The email integration means that they can send files from any mail client and email address. It is as easy as composing a new email, and you can even do it on a mobile device. This flexibility frees up employees from the time it takes to operate the fax machine and allows them to work more efficiently, from wherever they are. This aspect covers remote workers as well, who might not otherwise have access to a separate fax network. Cloud faxing offers this form of secure communication to all employees.
  • Automation: By automating your fax document delivery, you can speed up the fax document transmission process. This helps employees spend less time at the fax machine and makes your fax documents less prone to mistakes that come from manual tasks and human error. An automated system can efficiently handle a much higher volume of fax documents than a manual workflow. You can set up an automated system to handle a variety of functions and manage the flow of fax documents.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesFaxing over the cloud is an excellent solution to many of the problems that insurance companies face, including the need to improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and maintain security and excellent customer service.

How Does Cloud Faxing Work?

Sending a fax through the cloud is incredibly easy, and you have a few different options for initiating the process. In all instances, you can fax a wide variety of document types, including Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Office files (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX and more), JPEG images, HTML files and more. They all go through our secure ReplixFax servers that can process and encode your faxes as needed before sending them off to their recipients.

  • Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesEmail: Probably the most straightforward option is to send a fax via email. In this case, a user needs to address their email to the recipient appropriately, attach their file and send it off. It’s that simple. The recipient will receive it in whatever method they have set up to receive faxes. If they also have a cloud fax service, they’ll probably get it in an email, like you would for incoming faxes. If not, they may get it as a printed document to their fax machine. When you receive a fax, it converts to an image file that is sent to you in an email. You can save this image and archive it easily.
  • Web: You could also use an intuitive web portal. ReplixFax offers a robust web client that can send faxes and provide a history of all your fax documents.
  • API: Another option for sending a fax is to use an API for integration into existing business applications. These allow you to streamline your communications across the workflow you already have in place. Our developer portal includes sample codes and tutorials to help you implement these.
  • Print: By downloading our Print2Fax driver, you can select the ReplixFax application, which shows up as a Windows printer, and use the resulting interface to send your fax.
  • Network: You can also link up a cloud fax system to network folders to automate the process. Dragging and dropping files into these folders will send them off to be faxed.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesWhy Softlinx Cloud Fax Services?

Softlinx offers a myriad of practical solutions to the pain points facing many insurance companies. Our fax service is efficient and cost-effective. Some of our most helpful approaches include the following:

  • Flexible integrations: The ReplixFax system is designed to integrate into a company’s existing workflow, providing a flexible yet reliable service to improve and build upon an insurance company’s existing framework. It also offers a secure online faxing solution complete with a full suite of API toolkits for easy integration within applications. This tool includes web service APIs and sample codes that allow your developers and IT staff to manage the system and work it into your current workflow, facilitating greater automation and integration.
  • User-friendly fax tools: The ReplixFax solution focuses on user-friendly design, with integrations and faxing tools intended to maximize functionality and compatibility within existing systems. ReplixFax supports multiple faxing tools, including email to fax, print to fax, web fax and multi-function printers (MFPs). Along with the integration capabilities of the software, this wide-reaching support allows you to streamline your systems to the extent that all an employee needs is the email address of their recipient. The process is fast, easy and requires very little extra training.
  • Efficient document workflows: Softlinx’s ReplixFax system features several key security and documentation functions that complement and integrate with workflows. These include electronic filing, printing, metadata passing, barcode faxing, tracking and notification and reporting capabilities. These functions help to facilitate high volumes of faxes while maintaining proper documentation and security for fax workflows. In the insurance business, documentation is valuable, and ReplixFax can help you keep track of your documents.
  • Continuous service and support: If these features weren’t enough to convince you, Softlinx also offers a top-of-the-line support team based in the United States. With 24/7 services, our support staff is always ready to help your business with any faxing needs, including setup, training and troubleshooting. On top of this support structure, Softlinx maintains a service-level agreement with our clients for prompt problem resolution, and we boast a 99.9% uptime. In short, when your insurance business partners with Softlinx, you get a secure cloud faxing service insurance companies can depend on.
  • Robust security: ReplixFax secure fax services for the insurance industry complies with HIPAA and PCI DSS, among other regulatory entities. ReplixFax accomplishes this with a multilevel security system, including an AES 256-bit encryption system for all customer data to be kept secure. The ReplixFax solution also employs a communication link secured using HTTPS and TLS and a service data center audited by SSAE-18 SOC-2. Maintaining compliance with regulatory groups is a necessity for insurance agencies, and cloud faxing helps to do so and gives you the knowledge that your clients’ data is protected.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesStay Competitive With Softlinx Solutions

With ReplixFax secure faxing services for insurance companies, insurance professionals have the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently. They can send and receive faxes quickly, with the help of automatic processing functions and workflow integration methods. Our secure online faxing system offers solutions to the problems that plague many insurance groups. If you need to cut costs and improve the efficiency of your operations, cloud faxing and Softlinx can help. Our state-of-the-art secure fax document delivery can keep you compliant and your clients safe, while our flexible and easy-to-use interface makes faxing as simple as sending an email. You can get rid of that slow fax machine and spend time focusing on insurance. We can help you streamline your entire system for a more efficient, cost-effective method of faxing. After setup, we also offer 24/7 support, ready to step in and help at any time.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance CompaniesLearn more about ReplixFax by Softlinx and how secure fax services can help your insurance business. Contact us today to see a live demo by calling 1-800-899-7724, emailing our sales team at or by filling out our online form.