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Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance Companies

Secure Cloud Faxing for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have to handle huge amounts of sensitive client information in their daily processes, keeping information secure while simultaneously processing documents like policy applications, claims forms, approvals and denials, and more. Most of these documents are kept in paper form and need to be exchanged from the insurance company to a broker, client or another party. To do so, insurance companies turn to faxing solutions with high processing power.

The Replix® cloud faxing solution for insurance companies from Softlinx provides an excellent solution, helping insurance businesses process:

  • Insurance claims
  • Case reports
  • Benefits claims
  • Applications and processing documentation
  • Adjustments and assessments

For more information about how cloud faxing works and how it can benefit insurance companies, visit Softlinx’s ReplixFax cloud service website or contact our sales staff.

Secure Fax for Insurance Companies

Insurance professionals manage huge quantities of paperwork on a daily basis, including faxes. This information must be handled carefully, from reviewing to filing. Though faxing is certainly a safe way to transmit the sensitive client information involved in the insurance business, the sheer quantity of incoming and outgoing faxes makes traditional faxing laborious and difficult to manage. With Replix® electronic secure faxing, the process is made simple through automation.

With Replix® secure fax services for insurance companies, insurance professionals can send and receive faxes more quickly, with automatic processing functions, fax sending solutions and workflow integration methods to improve the use of time and resources.

Why Softlinx Cloud Fax Services?

Replix® by Softlinx offers a secure online faxing solution for insurance companies, allowing them to submit faxes directly from existing workflows and take inbound faxes into email inboxes, among other key features. Some of the most important functions and tools Softlinx offers include:

  • Flexible Integrations: The Replix® system by Softlinx is designed to integrate into business’s existing workflows, providing a flexible yet reliable service that will amplify an insurance company’s existing framework. To this end, the Replix® system’s secure online faxing solution comes complete with a full suite of API toolkits. This includes web service APIs and sample codes, which allow your developers and IT staff to manipulate the system and work it into your current workflow, facilitating greater automation and integration.
  • User-Friendly Fax Tools: The Replix® solution from Softlinx focuses on a user-friendly design, with integrations and faxing tools intended to maximize functionality and compatibility with existing systems. The system supports multiple faxing tools, including email to fax, print to fax, web fax and MFPs. Combined with the integrating capabilities of the software, this allows businesses to streamline their systems to such a degree that all an employee needs is an email address for a fax recipient.
  • Fax Document Workflows: Replix® by Softlinx features several key security and documentation functions that complement and integrate with workflows. These include electronic filing, printing, metadata passing, barcode faxing, tracking, notification and reporting capabilities, and workflows. These functions help facilitate high volumes of faxes while still maintaining proper documentation and security for fax workflows.
  • Cost-Saving Efficiency: By eliminating the costs associated with hardware and minimizing labor costs, Replix® minimizes operational expenses for insurance agencies substantially. Replix® allows insurance businesses to switch completely over to digital fax formats, minimizing the need for fax hardware, as well as the associated costs for paper, toner and maintenance. On top of that, the automation included in the Replix® system minimizes wait time for employees, reducing labor costs.
  • Secure, Reliable and Compliant: Secure online faxing for insurance companies has to incorporate compliance with several regulatory entities. Of particular concern is HIPAA, which aims to protect sensitive patient information for health care businesses. Insurance agencies often fall under this umbrella, so maintaining HIPAA compliance is a necessity.To meet this need, Replix® secure fax services for the insurance industry complies with HIPAA, among other regulatory entities. The system accomplishes this with a multilevel security system, including an AES 256-bit encryption system for all transmitted data. The Replix® solution also employs a communication link secured using HTTPS and TLS and a service data center that is audited by SOC-2 SSAE-16.
  • Constant Service and Support: If these features weren’t enough to convince you, Softlinx also offers a top-of-the-line support team based in the United States. Offering 24/7 services, our support staff is always ready to help your business with any faxing needs, including setup, training and troubleshooting. On top of this support structure, Softlinx maintains a service-level agreement with our clients for prompt problem resolution, and we boast a 99.9 percent uptime. In short, when your insurance business partners with Softlinx, you get a fax service insurance companies can depend on.

Learn more about Replix® by Softlinx and how secure fax services can help your insurance business. Contact us today to see a live demo by calling 1-800-899-7724, emailing our sales team at or by filling out our online application.