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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Softlinx provides robust, scalable and reliable enterprise fax servers and software to support enterprise fax communications, automate fax messaging and streamline document-intensive business processes.

Fax Server Platforms

Softlinx’ ReplixFax Fax Servers are available on all major operating system platforms:

  • ReplixFax for Windows: Windows fax server optimized for Microsoft Windows environment. It is the most common choice among enterprise fax customers to serve their corporate fax communications need.
  • ReplixFax for Linux: Optimized for Red Hat Enterprise Linux with support of Microsoft SQL and Oracle Databases. Fax server choice by IT Departments under Unix environment.
  • ReplixFax for Solaris: Running under Solaris with bullet-proof performance and reliability, application faxing needs for financial services and other mission-critical businesses are handled.

ReplixFax Fax Servers can run over traditional PSTN or IP network as Fax over IP (FoIP), and offer advanced capabilities to support high availability, performance and improved server utilization via using Fax Server Virtualization and Fax Server Clustering.

Comprehensive set of Fax API’s–Web Services, Windows, Java andCommand Line–are available to allow easy integration with the ReplixFax Fax Server to fax-enable any business application.

Fax Solutions

Softlinx’ ReplixFax Fax Servers offer powerful and secure fax messaging solutions for:

  • Production Fax: High volume outbound faxing directly from any business application or scripts is automated as well as receiving inbound faxes electronically.
  • Healthcare and Medical Fax: Enhanced for meeting HIPAA requirements, the ReplixFax for Healthcare is optimized for faxing healthcare and medical records and patient related information.
  • Integration with Email Systems: Email-to-Fax solutions for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino Mail are available with native integration to provide easy-to-use enterprise-wide Email-to-Fax automation. SMTP Email-to-Fax Gateway is a standard component of the ReplixFax Fax Server and supports any type of email system for fax integration.
  • Web Fax and Mobile Fax Solutions: With easy-to-use Web Fax and Mobile Fax Clients, users have options and flexibility to manage fax communications need at anytime, anywhere.

Hosted Fax Services

Softlinx provides Hosted Cloud Fax Services to our customers who prefer to fax-enable their business application without deploying an on-premise fax server while benefitting from 24×7 system availability, scalable performance and reliability.

Whether you are looking for an Enterprise Fax Server deployment, a Fax over IP (FoIP) implementation to leverage your Voice over IP (VoIP) network, or ways to Fax-enable your Email or Business Applications, Softlinx can provide the most efficient and cost-effective IP fax solution to meet your needs.

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