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Softlinx ReplixFax supports Re al-Time Fax over IP (FoIP)

Westford, MA (January 24, 2005) –Softlinx Inc, a leading supplier of Fax Server software solutions for over a decade, today announced that its ReplixFax solution now supports real-time fax communications over Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. Using industry leading intelligent fax boards, ReplixFax can now provide a number of the largest financial institutions in the world with the ability to fax over IP using the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) the signaling protocol for Internet telephony protocol.

“There are over 120 million fax machines in use, and more than 6 million new units sold each year, worldwide communicating over PSTN using a T.30 protocol for fax communications. As fortune 500 companies continue to consolidate voice and data traffic in an effort to cut unnecessary expenses and move that traffic to their own IP networks, the demand for IP Faxing continues to increase”, said Frank Woo, COO of Softlinx. “Many of our customers have implemented PSTN based faxing and are now ready to move to IP”.

Why consider a FOIP solution for your organization?

Most companies are unaware of just how much time and money is lost by traditional faxing. According to an industry leading fax technology consulting company the average fortune 500 company spends as much as $15 million per year on faxing. By switching to emerging Fax over IP (FoIP), those companies can save as much as seventy percent on their long-distance bills. FoIP solutions can also cut down on the cost of other delivery methods such as mail, overnight delivery and courier costs, and save traditional long distance phone bills by directing the fax traffic over the company’s own IP networks.

For further information, contact Softlinx at +1.978.439.0100 or or visit our website

About Softlinx

Softlinx is a premier provider of enterprise fax messaging and e-document delivery solutions helping mid to large corporations better manage their business communications and document workflow. Softlinx ReplixFax is a market proven enterprise fax solution with a large installed base worldwide. It supports all platforms (Microsoft Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris), messaging environment (Microsoft Exchange, IBM/Lotus Domino and any IMAP e-mail systems) and is integrated with document management repositories to support fax archiving for retention and compliance.

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